Detailed info on the endgame gameplay of OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER – PIXEL.

Detailed info on the endgame gameplay of OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER – PIXEL.
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Square Enix has details on the RPG shooter’s endgame today OUTRIDER’S WORLDSLAYER released, which is the main game OUTRIDERS massively upgraded. The title was developed by People Can Fly, the developers of Gears of War: Judgment and BULLET STORMas well as Square Enix External Studios, the creative minds behind SLEEPING DOGS and JUST CAUSE.

OUTRIDER’S WORLDSLAYER is an action-packed RPG shooter for 1-3 players set in a dark sci-fi universe. Either gamers create their Outrider from one of four powerful classes and start with the original one OUTRIDERScampaign or take advantage of the all-new Level 30 Boost to jump straight into the WORLDSLAYER– Join the campaign and explore the deadly planet of Enoch.

After an action-packed journey across the planet Enoch, players must face the deadly test of Tarya Gratar – a brand new endgame challenge in OUTRIDER’S WORLDSLAYER.

There is an all new area to explore filled with many frightening enemies and some of Enoch’s best kept secrets. Outriders choose their path through the trial, fight epic boss battles and find plenty of loot. New Legendary Gear, including the new Apocalypse Gear, comes with a powerful third mod slot.

The Trial of Tarya Gratar was designed as a kind of gauntlet run. If players complete a run, abandon it, or just die too many times, the trial will start all over again. With each restart, the character is a little stronger and better equipped than the last time.

An Outrider grows stronger by finding new gear and mods, improving their build, and gaining new levels of Ascension. With this power-up, you can complete the Trial of Tarya Gratar at higher apocalypse ranks and unlock even better rewards—all in an action-packed, highly replayable endgame.

“With WORLDSLAYER we wanted to create a new experience that expands on all the systems that our players had in the original OUTRIDERS liked best. The captivating new story of WORLDSLAYER ties right into the endgame and sets the stage for the Trial of Tarya Gratar,” said Bartek Kmita, creative director of Outriders and People Can Fly. “Endgame was designed to accommodate all of the new and enhanced features in WORLDSLAYER into one big whole and offer our most dedicated players a satisfying experience with hundreds of hours of motivating progress.”

OUTRIDER’S WORLDSLAYER will be released on June 30, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam), Epic Games Store and Windows Store, Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now. who OUTRIDERS already owns, the digital WORLDSLAYER-Buy an upgrade to access this WORLDSLAYER-Access upgrade.

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