Destiny 2: Powerful Solar 3.0 builds for each class to roast your opponents with

Destiny 2: Powerful Solar 3.0 builds for each class to roast your opponents with
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In Destiny 2, Guardians are getting warm and creative with Solar 3.0. So it’s no wonder that some of the fiery builds have turned out to be really strong. We show you three of the most popular Guardian builds of the moment for Titan, Warlock and Hunter and list what you need to recreate them.

The builds can: It’s burning in Destiny 2, because the guardians have been able to play with fire since Season 17 and do so. While some Guardians weren’t too enthusiastic about the new Solar 3.0 abilities, other Guardians have been creating powerful builds for their classes.

The Titan, in particular, has become almost immortal with the new skills in combination with an armor exotic and has been playing Destiny 2 with it since then as in easy mode.

MeinMMO has tested three popular Solar 3.0 builds from Season 17 for you and presents them in more detail in this article.

MeinMMO shows you three practical Solar 3.0 builds that are strong.

3 strong and solid builds with Solar focus

Here we describe in detail the components that make up the three Solar 3.0 builds. We will go into more detail about the required exotics and mods. For these Solar builds, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock – there’s something for every class.

Solar Hunter – Transforms throwing knives into nukes

Sharp knives have always been a good option for hunters. But even better than throwing knives are flaming throwing knives, which also set off an explosive chain reaction.

We’ll show you how to do that with the Solar 3.0 Fighter and the Armor Exotic “Caliban’s Hand”. This Exo came into play with the start of Season 17.

Caliban’s hand turns throwing knives into nuclear bombs.

What makes the build so special? If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to explode the world, then you should use this build. With this, the hunter can not only trigger a cool, but also a strong atomic chain reaction – and that with the help of the armor exotic “Caliban’s Hand”.

  • Roast them: The Proximity Blast Gauge sears targets damaged by its explosions, or ignites on a direct hit. Throwing a proximity explosive knife also grants increased melee regeneration until the knife detonates.

We have listed everything that we are currently using in our hunter build here. Of course, this can still be adjusted to your own playstyle, for example by trying a different Solar Super or Grenade, as well as different aspects, fragments or mods.

Our recommendation for this Hunter Lorelei build:

  • Super Ability: Gunslinger/ Blade Fire
  • Grenade: Thermite Grenade
  • Melee: Proximity Blast Gauge
  • class ability: Daring dodge
  • Armor Exotic: “Caliban’s Hand”
Solar aspects
Mow her down
Solar Supers are improved. Golden Gun – Bullseye has increased duration, Golden Gun – Marksman has increased damage resistance and duration. Blade Fire fires more projectiles. While Radiant, final blows with your equipped throwing knife fully restore melee energy.
On your mark
Precision final blows grant you and nearby allies increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short time. Stackable 3 times. Activating your class ability immediately grants you maximum stacks of On Your Mark.

For the solar fragments we recommend you:

This hunter build complements the following nicely:

  • Armguard Mod: “Focus Attack” (Void mod) which grants you class ability energy when damage is dealt with a melee attack.
  • Elemental Source Mod: “Fountain of Power” for additional weapon damage.
  • Armor Values: Lots of mobility and strength are also beneficial, further enhancing skills.
  • Energy Weapon: the 900 solar submachine gun from Season 17 – Calus mini tool
  • Weapon Perk: Incandescent to spread additional Singe among targets.
  • Seasonal Artifact Mods: Explosive Solar Menace and Precision Beams.
Thanks to the perk “Incandescent” you spread the scorch.

How is the build playing? Seriously crazy, even though Bungie seems to have slightly varied the exotic.

Once your proximity blast meter is ready, you can hurl it at an enemy. It is important that you can use it to kill opponents, because only then will you get all of your melee energy back and with it your proximity explosion meter.

On a direct hit, the knife explodes, then uses Embers of Coal to spread Scorch to all nearby targets. This means that a hit with Kill, thanks to “Embers of Ash”, additionally scorches nearby enemies and kills them with the resulting subsequent explosions. You can keep doing this until there are no more enemies standing while you shine.

For those who don’t hit well: The knife will also ignite if you simply throw it on the ground between enemies.

With the final boss of Bungie’s latest dungeon, “Duality,” this is pure joy, as your hunter can use it to clear the field of psion and cabal mobs almost alone, or knock out the bell guardians outright. The nasty permanent grin about this contagious explosion is free.

Is Caliban’s Hand buggy? The Destiny community is discussing how this Exotics and Proximity Blast Meter works. The knife would not always ignite and the seasonal mods would be bugged with it. However, it worked well in our testing. We were therefore unable to confirm the discrepancies described. What are your experiences?

On the next page, we’ll show you how to make your Bonk Titan almost immortal thanks to Solar 3.0 and a new Witch Queen Exotic.

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