Decide the fate of Iberia in the new Flavor Pack for Crusader Kings III – PIXEL.

Decide the fate of Iberia in the new Flavor Pack for Crusader Kings III – PIXEL.
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The country is divided by language, religion and culture – but those who understand the vision see a land of opportunity. What if you could redirect the energy consumed by fighting over cities and titles into unity and coexistence? However, just a vision of it is not enough. It requires a strong hand, a sense of intrigue, and a flair for diplomacy. It’s a question that has persisted for generations, a problem that can only be solved with the passage of time. Only the patient and prudent can fate in Fate of Iberia determine.

Fate of Iberia is the latest flavor pack for Crusader Kings III. Available today, this expansion to Paradox Interactive’s award-winning medieval strategy RPG offers players the chance to experience the history of Spain and Portugal in the Middle Ages. A centuries-long struggle makes it necessary to rethink how goals are to be achieved, while a multitude of interested and competing parties struggle to impose their will on the Iberian Peninsula.

To the features of Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia belong:

  • struggle system: All new historical conflict system, fully modifiable and customizable.
  • Players decide the fate of Iberia: They choose the path of reconciliation or the path of conquest to unite Spain or agree on a peaceful sharing of the spoils.
  • New content: Two new Legacy Paths (Urbane and Roped), new cultural traditions highlighting the particular historical characteristics of the Iberian Peninsula, new friendship interactions and duels over the chessboard.
  • New Events: Dynamic historical events, some related to the Battle of Iberia, while others provide more variety for all players.
  • New artwork: New character graphics, such as clothing, hair and beard styles reflecting the Iberian cultures of the Middle Ages, as well as new unit designs and a variety of new graphics for backgrounds, events and loadouts.
  • New music: additions to the soundtrack ofCrusader Kings III.

Fate of Iberia includes a free update for all owners of Crusader Kings III, which adds new options and features for all players. This update includes a new faction type to challenge rulers, faith leaders that can be shared by different religions, vassal contracts for clans, and of course a new game launch point that highlights interesting Iberian characters for the 867 launch date.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia is now available at a recommended retail price of EUR 6.99. It’s in the expansion pass for Crusader Kings III and in the Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition contain.

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