Dead by Daylight: New chapter ‘The Roots of Horror’ has been released

Dead by Daylight: New chapter ‘The Roots of Horror’ has been released
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Behavior Interactive announces that the latest chapter of Dead by Daylight, The Roots of Horror, is available now. The new chapter introduces both a new killer, The Dredche, and survivor Haddie Kaur. In addition to new cosmetic items, there is also the new map Garden of Joy.

The darkness is omnipotent
The Dredsche is the manifestation of a collective nightmare. As long as she remains in the shadows, players have a hard time figuring out what they are dealing with due to her formless body covered in twisted limbs. The Dredche’s ability is called Reign of Darkness. It is made up of two different stages, twilight and nightfall. Dusk is a new feature that allows the dredge to teleport across the map to surprise their victims hiding in unsuspecting closets. Nightfall, on the other hand, starts a countdown at the beginning of each trial that can be seen by all, allowing the dredge to summon the darkness: each time the dredge catches survivors or teleports, the bar increases. Once the dredge then summons Nightfall, the survivors’ view of the map is severely restricted, giving the killer the upper hand.

The new chapter also brings with it a new map: the Garden of Joy. The map depicts a scenic paradise in a quaint American town that hides great mysteries. The main building of this map is a classic family home, a ghostly symbol of domestic horror set against a cold and cruel backdrop.

I love the bloodcurdling horrors we can deliver with this chapter. The darkness that settles on the survivors, the uneasiness at the sight of the dredche, and the fear that grips us just when we should feel safe is something we really wanted to work with. We look forward to fans exploring this chapter – and delving deeper into what fear actually means to them.

Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight

A survivor with a bite
Those familiar with the Archives will remember Haddie Kaur now entering the Nebula to take her due place as a survivor. Haddie’s fascination with monsters began at a young age, so fear is no stranger to her. She has the unique ability to see accumulations of evil that are causing rifts between the Entity’s realm and our world. Through her past battles, she is one of the few survivors who can actually stand up to the killers.

Haddie is a very strong character with a really compelling story. What I love about her is the duality of her character – she’s Québécoise and Indian, and despite being from our world, she’s always had one foot in the other. This leads to a gaming experience that makes you feel really empowered.


It’s a cruel summer
To celebrate the release of this chapter, a very rare outfit for The Dredche will be released as part of the Vicious Manikin Collection. The Twisted Toy outfit gives the disembodied killer doll-like skulls.

As the temperatures get warmer and the air heavier, outfits get shorter too. No one can escape the unrelenting heat of the Port Massacre Collection. The chapter also includes three new, very rare outfits for the release: overlapping diver for Haddie Kaur, sunlight séance for Mikaela Reid and the yacht outfit for Felix Richter.

Also appearing on June 14, 2022 is the Cocoon Collection, a monstrous mutation that reveals the insects within: the Gloamlight Swarm for the Deathbringer, the Doctor’s Custom Contagion outfit, and the Night Butterfly outfit for Nea Karlsson.

Finally, the Summer Vacation Collection is available just in time to shout “See you at camp!” and features two new outfits for Dwight Fairfield and Kate Denson. The Collection will be released on July 4, 2022.


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