“Davina & Shania – We love Monaco”: Robert Geiss to his daughters: “Women are decoration”

“Davina & Shania – We love Monaco”: Robert Geiss to his daughters: “Women are decoration”
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At the start of “Davina & Shania – We love Monaco” (RTLZWEI), the Geissens accompany their teenagers to their first big ball – not without practical beauty and life tips from the proud mom.

At the beginning of the new “Die Geissens” offshoot “Davina & Shania – We love Monaco” is the life motto of the millionaire family. “Order and custom prevail here,” Carmen Geiss says to her daughter Davina Shakira, who is casually stretched out on the designer couch. The 18-year-old put her sneakers down on the matching side table! The order of the day is “style”.


In the family’s apartment in Monaco, Davina and her sister Shania Tyra (17) are preparing for the “Bal de Noel” in the posh Hôtel de Paris. And that’s despite the fact that they don’t really put their feet under their parents’ pompous coffee table anymore: recently they’ve been taking on the challenge of their first apartment of their own – in the immediate vicinity of “the Hamilton”, as Papa Robert proudly mentions.

After the Monaco ball: Geissen's dream son-in-law ends up in a drunk tank

What still draws her to “get ready” in the rooms of her former legal guardians is the expert support when it comes to bling: not only Mama Carmen, but also family hairdresser Ozan, top model Papis Loveday and a nameless “mask woman” (Robert) lend a hand to the glamorous ones outfits.

After the Monaco ball: Geissen's dream son-in-law ends up in a drunk tank
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Robert Geiss on women as “decoration”: “Mom is a big construction site”

Carmen sees herself responsible for what gets under the skin: Robert’s horror at Shania’s new tattoo – she had her sister’s first name pierced behind her ear – counters the mother with expertise. “It’s a proof of love,” she explains to “Rooobert”, supported by Davina: “If you really loved us, you would have something like that too.” “You’re bumbumbum,” replies Robert: “Besides, it’s crooked.” “No, my head is crooked,” Shania corrects him mildly. “Will you also get my name engraved?” Robert finally asks his wife. “For God’s sake,” she replies: “You can change your husband, but never the children.”

And because that is the case, the offspring are first measured, clothed and decorated. Because at least as far as their social role is concerned, Robert is an expert: “The men walk around in tuxedos at such events, and the women are decoration.” This requires long-term planning and a conscientious strategy: “Mom in particular is a major construction site.”

Accompanied by accessory crises, obligatory “I’m so fat!” exclamations and the immediate decline of time management, the “fashion drama” (Loveday) takes its course. Robert soon gives up: “I’m going to watch ‘Sportschau’,” he informs Dad, who will accompany the Geissens to the ball. How much longer does the fashion cult figure from Senegal need? “Three minutes!” Said Bruce Darnell and Jorge González’s revenant: “Hello? I’m a top model!”

After the Monaco ball: Geissen's dream son-in-law ends up in a drunk tank

“Sissi, Princess Diana and all the princes have celebrated here”

Just a few hours later, Shania and Davina are also approaching this ideal. “Renovated for 250 million, you can forget that,” says Papa Robert with satisfaction, meaning the newly shining historic location. “Sissi, Princess Diana and all the princes have celebrated here,” the girls rave about the role models of a really happy life. Flanked by the eccentric Papis Loveday in dress and 1.-FC-Köln fool’s cap, they don’t attract much attention in the company of the rich and the quirky.

Only hairdresser Ozan, who is also part of the party, looks a little too deeply into the champagne glass and quickly begins to “sing funny songs” (Shania). These are clearly aimed at Davina and thus feed Ozan’s image as a potential “love interest” of the 18-year-old. Completely unintentionally, of course: “Whenever I post photos of us, the press picks it up right away,” Davina rolls her eyes.

Son-in-law for Carmen Geiss ?: “He can do his hair really well”

This evening also offers appropriate inspiration: The next afternoon, Ozan shows up in the girls’ flat a bit crumpled – after spending the night at the police station for being drunk in public. “They’re really strict here, it happens to our friends all the time,” says Davina, unimpressed. “It was cold and lonely,” says Ozan. But he can’t expect empathy from Davina: “And the room? At least nice?”

Further episodes and other platforms will clarify whether Ozan has disqualified himself with his faux pas as Geiss’s son-in-law-to-be. It would be so practical, at least for Carmen: “He can do his hair really well.”

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