Creative Assembly unveils new IP Hyenas with a trailer

Creative Assembly unveils new IP Hyenas with a trailer
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Now the cat is out of the bag, which Creative Assembly and SEGA have been working on for several years. With Hyenas introduces a brand new multiplayer IP, although some are anticipating a sequel to alien isolation had hoped.

In Hyenas the world is at an end as it seldom has been. The first billionaires have made it to Mars, leaving Earth and their back taxes far behind. However, the anti-gravity technology that made their journey possible destroyed our planet, leaving humanity in a floating slum called “Perineum”. As if that weren’t enough, the only thing the rich still care about is rare commodities – pop culture items from the lives we left behind, which they loot from the rubble to set up their mansions on Mars.

Therefore, it is time to take back what is ours. Huge spaceship malls known as Plunderships are crammed with nostalgic loot stolen from what’s left of Earth. But these are also packed with hired thugs, alarm systems, and armed drones that only the hyper-rich can afford.

A motley squad

The task of the player in Hyenas is to have a ragtag crew of uniquely skilled and armed criminal misfits assemble your crew of hyenas, get into the scavenger ships, take the loot and get out again.

“We believe the key to the success of any modern shooter is understanding what players want to see and where they want their experience to take them. We know we have something interesting to offer, but we also know the odds are against us,” said Executive Producer David Nicholson. “In order to compete with the biggest games in the industry, we need to hear players’ voices – directly and early on. If someone is there, we want to take that person with us. That’s why, following today’s announcement, we’re also launching the first of our public alpha tests.”


With Hyenas Creative Assembly promises a space piracy experience seldom seen. A team of three fights four other crews to get the hottest loot and escape. For this you need both weapons and cunning. Each Raider is a sandbox of interlocking systems, providing endless opportunities for clever teams to take advantage of the environment, security networks, hired goons, and competing crews to gain an advantage.

Once it kicks off, high-speed movement and deadly combat combine in dangerous and often switchable anti-gravity zones, giving you dramatic opportunities to master your environment to trap and eliminate other crews.

When Hyenas appears is currently unclear. First of all, a closes alpha test will take place here on the PC.

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