Cosmopolitan in the test: The moody party hit in the test

Cosmopolitan in the test: The moody party hit in the test
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The release of Kosmopolit has been delayed for a few months. Now the game is available in its German language version.

Despite or maybe even because of the corona pandemic, party games are booming again. However, the trend has actually been going on for quite some time. A number of games of this genre have recently landed on the nomination lists of the Game of the Years jury, and some have even won the prestigious award. It went down a bit party banger Cosmopolitan, the insider tip from France. The reason why the game has received so little attention so far is obvious. German version? So far none! Huch-Verlag has now taken on the title and donated a German-language edition to Kosmopolit.

Cosmopolitan with initial difficulties

Actually, the publisher would have liked to have put the game on the market much earlier. Ultimately, however, the publication of Kosmopolit in autumn 2021 could not be realized. Just the design of the app, which is absolutely necessary for the course of the game, initially did not meet the quality requirements of the publisher. But now the time has finally come, you can now find Kosmopolit at your trusted retailer. Let’s see if the game picks up speed after a somewhat bumpy start.

At Kosmopolit there are countless dishes from all over the world.

© Huch-Verlag

The basic idea of ​​the game is definitely quite original. Together, in the case of Kosmopolit there are four to eight people, you run a very special kind of restaurant. Every guest, regardless of nationality, should be able to order their favorite dish from their home country. The biggest problem is not necessarily the preparation of the meal. It is rather communicative Problems that keep playing tricks on you. Of course, the valued guests place their orders in their mother tongue and do not take any dialects into account. Hemmsche mett ßurreköppes!… “Uh… yes of course… come right away!”.

  • for 4-8 people from 10 years
  • Playing time: 6 minutes
  • Author: Florent Toscano, Julien Prothière
  • Publisher: Jeux Opla/Huch
  • Price: around €20

Gobberish whispers at Kosmopolit

If you want to run a well-running restaurant, you have to be well organized. Therefore, the first thing to do is to distribute the various tasks in the restaurant. It takes a waitress, a head waiter and of course lots of cooks. The waitress is first provided with a tablet or a smartphone on which the cosmopolitan app is installed. Headphones are also required, because the waitress will use them to take the guests’ orders.

Hard to believe, but these dishes are all ordered in German in Kosmopolit.

© Huch-Verlag

The app shows the available tables, where visitors will gradually take a seat. If a guest heads towards one of the tables, they will need a moment to devote themselves to the menu. Shortly thereafter, the waitress hears the order through the headphones. “Kazedong!” For the guest it’s a perfectly normal dish from home, but to us all the dishes sound like quite the dish gibberish. It doesn’t matter, the customer is king after all. So we do our best to put the desired meal on the table.

Hectic map searches at Kosmopolit

If the restaurant fills up with more guests, the strangest food orders will soon fly in your face. In any case, it is quite helpful if at least one person keeps track of everything. In Kosmopolit, this function is assigned to the head waiter. He is equipped with a pad and pen and always diligently writes them down orders, as they are brought to him by the waitress. However, since the head waiter cannot see the terms directly in front of him, he has to rely entirely on the waitress. He simply writes down the dishes as he understands them.

In cosmopolitan, the head waiter notes down the wishes of the guests. Are his recordings really quite correct?

© Huch-Verlag

The up to six cooks can also become active directly. Each cook is responsible for the dishes of a region and receives six matching ones language cards. Dishes from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and other special creations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are available. As a chef, you now scan the dishes in your region and hope to come across a dish that at least sounds like what the guest wanted.

Only professionals work in the Kosmopolit restaurant

The head waiter may repeat the guests’ orders as often as he likes. It’s not that easy to remember a bunch of strange-sounding dishes. The waitress is also allowed to have the dishes repeated by the guests. However, as soon as she goes to the next guest to take another order, asking again will result in a point deduction. Does a chef have that? wanted dish discovered on one of his language cards, he can pass the card on to the head waiter. Now all that’s missing is the main ingredient needed to prepare the meal.

The waiter hands in these cards in Cosmopolitan. The app will show you whether the order was recognized correctly.

© Huch-Verlag

You can find this in the form of an image on the ingredient cards, which are also divided among the chefs. All the cards come together with the head waiter, who passes them on to the waitress together with the appropriate place card. Now the app can be used to check whether the restaurant team has done its job properly. Sound stressful? It is. It was not even mentioned that just once for processing the orders six minutes time to be made available. The ticking clock is constantly breathing down your neck.

At Kosmopolit you grow with your tasks

In the lower levels of difficulty, this is usually relatively easy. But as the game progresses, the challenges become more and more complex. At first, the restaurant staff only rushes through a single dining room, later more are added, so that the waitress can make her way through multiple screens must scroll. Another package with new cards will follow about later. More tables, more ingredients and of course more international dishes certainly don’t make your task any easier.

Before each cosmopolitan game, the roles are divided among you.

© Huch-Verlag

The restaurant grows and thrives, expanding the menu and finding more and more satisfied customers. Word of your good reputation has gotten around and has even penetrated the critic scene. You may therefore soon receive a visit from an employee of the Michelin guide. It would be a pity to treat this high-ranking guest in the wrong way. It’s just stupid that the lady mingled incognito with the restaurant visitors.

With these little gimmicks, Kosmopolit can keep up the suspense for a longer period of time, even though a run-through only takes six minutes. In any case, it usually doesn’t stay with a single game. Kosmopolit is suitable for four to eight people aged ten and over. You can find the game now at a price of around 20€ in trade.

Conclusion: We discovered this tasty in-game test rating on the menu for Kosmopolit

Cosmopolitan is a particularly tasty party treat that deserves this delicious in-game test rating.


What is worth waiting for? In the case of Kosmopolit, this statement is at least largely true. The app for iOS and Android is functional, but still has to struggle with bugs and crashes in places. The developer should do some reworking here. Otherwise, cosmopolitan has the potential to party banger. A very special dynamic is created at the gaming table. While the head waiter is desperately trying to keep the business running even halfway organized, the chefs are brooding over their menu, smoking their heads, and the poor waitress? Yes, with her headphones she lives in her own world anyway. “Biescha tschitschchange inje! Biescha tschitschange inje!… still 30 seconds… Biescha tschi…”. With such scenes, nobody is surprised anymore that the situation is constantly escalating. But even the demanding scenes can be mastered with a little practice, because with Kosmopolit a certain one arises at some point exercise effect a. However, the game quickly ensures that you cannot rest on your laurels for very long. More tables, more ingredients, more guests, more of everything… At least it won’t get boring anytime soon with Kosmopolit. But now, bang bang to work. The restaurant opens in three… two… one… AAAHH!

Per Con
+ innovative game idea – App still with slight technical problems
+ suitable for parties
+ cooperative play style
+ Gaming experience is constantly expanding

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