“Club of good mood”: Martin Semmelrogge serves disgusting menu

“Club of good mood”: Martin Semmelrogge serves disgusting menu
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Is he practicing for the jungle camp?

Many secrets have already been revealed in the “Club of Good Moods”. Now Martin Semmelrogge (66) also had a look at the cards and revealed bizarre desires. Hunger drove the “Das Boot” actor to the fridge and sparked a menu creativity that should even trigger fascinated horror among star chefs.

“Bread roll” enthusiastically collected the last food leftovers: “Now I can use leftovers before they rot.” He then explained the recipe for the dish he served in great detail – and that’s definitely not for sensitive palates or stomachs.

Auch jenseits der Küche machte Semmelrogge manchmal eine ulkige FigurPhoto: SAT.1

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Semmelrogge sometimes cut a funny figure outside of the kitchen tooPhoto: SAT.1

“As a basic, I used Jenny’s pasta salad, which is now really nicely blended. Then I took tuna from the grill, it was already ready in the fridge. A bit of salmon mixed in because the tuna is very dry. Then I added some Pesto Genovese, then smoked ranch sauce, some steak sauce.” A round of ketchup, parmesan and balsamic vinegar were also included, as were the finishing touches: protein powder and a squeeze of lemon. Finished!

The name of the meal: “Semmels Spicy Pasta. It’s a special pasta dish.” Vanessa Mariposa (29) couldn’t hide her disgust and gratefully offered a pre-trial offer: “There were some weird things in there. The pasta salad is already two or three days old, then there’s a fish that’s two days old. I didn’t really want to eat now and risk food or fish poisoning here.”

Julian F. M. Stoeckel rührte Semmelrogges Fisch-Mahlzeit nicht anPhoto: SAT.1

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Julian FM Stoeckel did not touch Semmelrogge’s fish mealPhoto: SAT.1

Julian FM Stoeckel (35) tried to put his foot down: “Bread rolls, you eat them alone now. You want to trick us!” But he continued to look for tasters and talked to “Bachelorette” participant Sebastian Fobe (36) with psychological skills: “As respect for me, as trust. I have learned to appreciate you very much, even if we are sometimes bitter opponents. It’s a club test. I swear to you, I don’t play around with food. For real. I am a post war child. Just a little taste with your fork!”

Stoeckel tried to warn his fellow clubbie: “He wants to poison you!” But it was already too late: Sebastian Fobe put the first bite of the undefinable dish into his mouth. Stoeckel already said goodbye to Sebastian: “It was fun with you. Farewell.” But Sebastian didn’t seem particularly disgusted: “It’s slightly perverted. A bit fishy on the finish. You can eat it. Please don’t let me know what’s in there.”

But Semmelrogge once again neatly listed every single ingredient on the menu – and in doing so caused Julian to vomit in particular: “The disgust got under my hairbrush. I thought if I had eaten that, I would have thrown up on the spot.”

Sebastian Fobe is kicked out

Not because of the foisted disgusting menu, but because of Julian FM Stoeckel, Fobe’s collar burst. In a sudden outburst of emotion, he railed against his roommate, accusing him of playing the wrong game: “I need the authenticity of every human being. It’s getting on my nerves too!” Cora Schumacher (45) also became a Stoeckel critic: “I think Julian doesn’t have too many supporters anymore.”

Zwischen Julian und Sebastian gab es dicke LuftPhoto: SAT.1

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There was a lot of tension between Julian and SebastianPhoto: SAT.1

Meanwhile, “the Stoeckel” blasphemed and accused Sebastian that he was only there because of the money: “Their job isn’t entertainment. They don’t have a show career either. With what?” At least Fobe’s “Club of Good Moods” career came to an abrupt end that evening. Together with Cora, he was nominated for the move, but had to admit defeat to the internal “women’s movement”.

Although there had previously been a peaceful discussion between Fobe and Stoeckel, he emphasized: “I swore and promised that we girls would stick together.” Despite a few tears, Sebastian carried his statement with composure: “At the end of the day I’m just happy about it , to have met so many different and individual personalities.”


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