Chris Roberts on Star Citizen: “Today a completely different game than ten years ago”

Chris Roberts on Star Citizen: “Today a completely different game than ten years ago”
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The mastermind behind online space flight simulation Star Citizen, Chris Roberts, posted a lengthy letter to Roberts Space Industries’ website on May 18. The topic is of course the Star Citizen project, which has been in the making since 2010 and is often criticized for its financing methods and development progress. In the letter, Chris Roberts expresses pride in how much he and his team have achieved over the past year, despite some challenges.

One milestone chases the next at Star Citizen

Continued improvements in performance and stability, as well as reducing server crashes, are said to have brought Star Citizen together in a way that had never been seen before. With the launch of Alpha 3.16, Chris Roberts explains, veteran players have returned to see how Star Citizen has evolved. This year, the rate of new players is said to have even doubled, while according to Chris Roberts, with Alpha 3.17, more than 2,000 players are joining Star Citizen every day.

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Since December 2020, the number of daily active users is said to have increased by 50 percent. In addition, since the latest patch, the number of registrations has doubled compared to the April patch. Monthly active users also went through the roof, as Chris Roberts explains in the letter. It was only recently that Star Citizen reportedly had its two millionth registration, and the head of Cloud Imperium Games is confident that this year the mark of four million total accounts and more than $500 million in lifetime revenue could be broken .

Star Citizen: Past, Present and Future

Chris Roberts also addresses the criticism of the timelines in his letter when it comes to the original crowdfunding campaign. However, today’s Star Citizen is a completely different, more extensive and more immersive game than he had imagined almost ten years ago. Fully realized planets that you can go anywhere, a sophisticated first-person system, and a vehicle simulation with physical components and a level of systemic functionality are features that didn’t exist back then, notes the CIG founder. Star Citizen in the state in which it is found today is how Chris Roberts describes it:

“The game we’re building today is a game that encompasses many things: it’s a dogfighting spacesim, it’s a first-person shooter, it’s a trading game, it’s a resource gathering game, it’s a resource management game, it’s an adventure game, it’s a survival game, and it’s a social one Game. Star Citizen is a space simulation.”

However, it will take more time and money to implement Star Citizen on a scale that allows millions of people to play together, as Chris Roberts continues. He cites the support and patience of players and fans with which he and his team at Cloud Imperium Games should be able to build a game that he doesn’t think any other publisher could afford or would be crazy enough to go for it.

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