Charlene of Monaco: Review: A year ago she became ill

Charlene of Monaco: Review: A year ago she became ill
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The Monegasque princess has repeatedly struggled with health problems over the past twelve months. We look back.

Behind Charlène of Monaco (44) is probably the hardest year of her life. In May 2021, the Monegasque mother traveled to South Africa. Originally, the princess wanted to devote herself to her heart project there: the protection of rhinos. But then Charlène contracted a severe ear, nose and throat infection after an operation. What became the beginning of a tragic history of illness – and turned the life of Prince Albert’s wife (64) completely upside down. Twelve months later it is worth looking back at the events.

Charlene of Monaco: How it all began

In May 2021, Charlène flew from Monaco to South Africa to say goodbye to a good friend and to help with a rhino rescue campaign. After initial radio silence regarding her condition, the palace announced that the princess could not initially return to Monaco due to an unhealed ear, nose and throat infection. Albert and the twins Jacques and Gabriella (both 7) finally visited the 44-year-old in June 2021. The family went on a safari together and celebrated Charlène’s niece’s birthday. However, the couple spent their tenth wedding anniversary on July 2 separately. Charlène kept her fans up to date on her Instagram page, including when her family visited her again in August. When Albert is asked a short time later for a statement on his wife’s state of health, he states that Charlène is expected to return in September. A few hours later it becomes public: The former professional swimmer collapsed again and was hospitalized again. It said treatment in France was not possible because a return flight would be too dangerous due to the equalization of pressure combined with Charlene’s ear, nose and throat infection. On November 8, 2021, the Princess returned to the Monegasque palace after an absence of almost six months. She was welcomed there by her husband and children. But the joy of returning was short-lived.

Princess Charlène: She is taken to a “secret place”.

A few days after her arrival in Monaco, Albert announced: Charlène is retiring again. “She has recognized that she needs help,” said the prince. His wife is suffering from “deep exhaustion, both emotionally and physically,” the statement said. In addition, the mother of two “lost a lot of weight”. To protect her privacy, Charlene was taken to a “secret place” where she wanted to be treated further. It later came out: The weakened princess is in a clinic in Geneva, Switzerland. During Charlène’s absence, Albert was often accompanied to appointments by his sisters Caroline von Hannover (65) and Stéphanie von Monaco (57). Finally, the palace announced on March 12, 2022: The princess is back with her family in Monaco. But anyone who expected Charlène to get back to business as usual was wrong.

Charlene of Monaco: The Royal Rebellion

So far, Prince Albert’s wife has had a few public appearances. But when the princess was seen, it was noticeable that Charlène had changed. She seemed much cooler to her husband, only her twins made her shine. According to confidants, this has a very specific reason: the marriage of the royal couple should hang by a thread. There is talk of a contract worth millions and a demand never to have to perform again with sister-in-law Caroline. One thing is certain: since her return to the palace, Charlène has ushered in a new era. And the royal rebellion appears to have only just begun.

Check out the video below for the latest developments at the Monegasque Palace!

The “Palace Whisper” takes a close look at Charlène and Prince Charles.
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