Cause of Death for Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher: Insider Testimony

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The music world mourns the loss of Andy Fletcher: the Depeche Mode keyboardist died unexpectedly at the age of 60. There are first reports on the cause of death. What will become of the band now?

May 28, 2022 update: There are still no official statements on the cause of death for Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher – according to insider statements (see first report) he probably died of natural causes.

Numerous experts have now commented on the importance of Andy Fletcher for the band – and on Depeche Mode itself. For example, the British music journalist Dorian Lynskey. “Abroad, they were perceived as very impressive and mysterious. At home, people often couldn’t hide the fact that they were these Essex synthesizer boys,” Lynskey told the BBC on Friday. Depeche Mode has been filling huge halls at their concerts for decades, songs like “Never Let Me Down Again” have cult status.

Fletcher consistently downplayed his contribution to the group’s success. In a 1989 interview, he once said, “Martin is the songwriter, Alan is the good musician, Dave is the singer, and I’m bum.”

Nevertheless, Lynskey warned against underestimating the role of the keyboardist. Fletcher held the band together and acted as a bridge between songwriter Gore and singer Gahan. Everyone understands that in a band there are people who do the songwriting and singing. Extremely important is also the psychological aspect, the friendship aspect, which keeps the band from separating. Fletcher was an extremely pleasant person, without any affectations, and that made it. Lynskey added, “I wonder if they’re actually moving on without him.”

Our article from May 27, 2022:

LONDON – The keyboardist for British synth-pop band Depeche Mode, Andrew “Andy” Fletcher, has died at the age of 60. “We are shocked and filled with immense sadness at the untimely death of our dear friend, family and band member Andy “Fletch” Fletcher,” the band wrote on Twitter Thursday night. Fletcher leaves behind his wife and two children.

Photo left: Andy Fletcher (left) with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore in Milan 2017. Photo right: His wife posted photos from Barcelona at Easter 2022 after Fletcher broke his wrist. © Francesco Castaldo/Mondadori Portfolio/dpa / Grainne Fletcher on Instagram

Depeche Mode: Keyboardist Andy Fletcher is dead – “He had a true heart of gold”

“Fletch had a true heart of gold and was always there when you needed support, a lively conversation, a laugh or a cold beer,” Depeche Mode continued. Our hearts are with his family and we ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult time.

Depeche Mode: Keyboarder Andy Fletcher died unexpectedly – First reports on the cause of death

No official information was given about the cause of death. Andrew Fletcher died of natural causes, a person close to the band told the AP. Who the insider is is not named because he is not authorized to make official statements. The source goes on to say Andy Fletcher died at his home in England.

Depeche Mode: Insiders report Andy Fletcher died of natural causes

The magazine too Rolling Stone reports that he died of natural causes. A “source close to the band” also told the major music portal Pitchfork.com that Fletcher died of natural causes. It remains unclear whether all three different reports are about the same insider.

Depeche Mode: Keyboarder Andy Fletcher is dead – his wife posted photos from Barcelona at Easter

Nothing was known about Andy Fletcher’s serious health problems – instead he made headlines with a bicycle accident in April 2022 in which he broke his wrist while on holiday in Barcelona. His wife shared photos on Instagram at the time and wrote, “This isn’t exactly how we imagined the first weekend of our vacation to be. No more cycling for a while.” She wished them a happy Easter.

Depeche Mode: Death of Andy Fletcher plunges music world into mourning

The news of death now caused great sadness among supporters and colleagues. Former The Cure drummer Lol Tolhurst wrote on Twitter that he thought Fletcher was a friend. “We crossed many of the same paths as young men.” And the Pet Shop Boys wrote on Facebook that they were sad and shocked. “Fletch was a warm, friendly and funny person who loved electronic music and could also offer sound advice about the music business.”

Andy Fletcher
Andy Fletcher (left) was only 60 years old. The photo from 2016 shows him with frontman Dave Gahan (centre) and guitarist Martin Gore. © Lena Klimkeit/dpa

Depeche Mode: Andy Fletcher was a co-founder of the cult band

Fletcher, who was born in Nottingham, founded Depeche Mode in Basildon in 1980 with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. Depeche Mode rose to fame as part of the new wave scene with debut album Speak And Spell and hit single Just Can’t Get Enough. With pop classics like “Everything Counts”, “Enjoy The Silence” or “Personal Jesus”, which went far beyond the synth sound of other artists of their time, Depeche Mode became one of the world’s most successful bands – with more than 100 million worldwide sound carrier sold. Most recently, the album “Spirit” was released in 2017. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame two years ago.

“One of our legacies is to popularize electronic music among the masses,” Fletcher said in an interview with AFP in 2017, when the band’s last studio album was released. Frontman Dave Gahan recently turned 60. (dpa/lin)

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