Cathy and Mats Hummels: wedding anniversary with the ex

Cathy and Mats Hummels: wedding anniversary with the ex
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Who is supposed to see through that?

Things are going well for the Hummels family. While Mats (33) has just been seen with a flirt away game in Mallorca, Cathy (34) keeps making mysterious Instagram posts to talk about. The moderator recently explained that she had found a new love – for herself.

In a recent post, on the other hand, she raves about an old romance – and incidentally reveals who the love of her life is.

The 34-year-old writes about a small picture gallery in which Cathy, her husband Mats and their son Ludwig (4) can be seen: “The darn 7th year … in loving memory of 15.6.15. In this picture you can see my greatest love L. #everythinginlifehappensforareason”

This is how Cathy Hummels celebrates the seventh year of marriage! In fact, the soccer professional and the entrepreneur are still married. The mysterious date? On June 15, 2015, Cathy and Mats the yes word, and obviously the presenter likes to remember this day, as her phrase “in loving memory of 15.6.15.” (German: “In loving memory of 16.6.15”) suggests. On the other hand, the wording is often used in cases of death. So does Cathy mean past love for Mats? The end of their marriage?

Little Ludwig’s parents have been officially separated since August 2021, but have not divorced to this day. On the contrary: the trio recently spent a sunny vacation in Florida, where Mats tenderly smeared Cathy with sunscreen. Together on vacation, together at Christmas, together on New Year’s Eve…

Are the two still together now or not? Your fans are confused. The hashtag #everythinginlifehappensforareason (Eng. “Everything in life happens for a reason”) doesn’t really help much. Play Cathy with it on Mats’ outdoor Malle smooching with a sexy OnlyFans model on? Or the kicker’s flash love affair with GNTM candidate Céline Bethmann (23)? But why should Cathy then publicly celebrate her wedding anniversary?

“Why this fuss?” nagged a follower. “Either say you’re separated or stfu! (Eng. shut up, editor’s note.) These allusions are so childish!” Another fan, on the other hand, finds: “Oh, such a nice picture of you.”

This follower sums it up: “Nice family, no matter what. The main thing is that both are always there for Lütten.”

HE is her great love

Apropos – Cathys “Lütter”, son Ludwig, always plays the most important role in the life of the beautiful influencer in all the back and forth. She also shows this in her latest family post: “In this picture you can see my greatest love L.” – Of course, this means little Ludwig.

Who knows – maybe the Hummels have been quiet behind the scenes for a long time and Cathy and Mats just want to be loving parents to their child. Occasional family selfies simply cannot be missing.


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