Buy Playstation 4: In stock – get the PS4 at Amazon

Buy Playstation 4: In stock – get the PS4 at Amazon
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Buy PS4 new from Amazon

Our tip: At Amazon is the Playstation 4 500GB to have again and again – also new for 539 euros. But: The availabilities are strongly fluctuating. It’s in stock today!

The PS4 is as popular as ever – not least because the newer version, the Playstation 5, is hardly available. All PS4 offers and availability at a glance.

The alternative: FIFA bundle with PlayStation 4. You can currently get one on Amazon PS4 with 500 GB and FIFA 21 from 549 euros!

But Amazon offers other bundles. So also this one Playstation 4 controller bundle. It pays to be quick. Because the bundle is sold out very quickly. You can check availability here:

Also the bigger one Playstation 5 with 1TB storage is listed on Amazon. But it’s also rare. You can currently get them used for about 232 euros.

Availability of the PS4 at Saturn and Media Markt fluctuates

At Saturn and Media Markt, the model is now and again listed from 299 euros, but you often have to wait for supplies. A collection in the market could be possible! So I could pay to look it up on site!

Buy a used PlayStation 4 from ReBuy

As an alternative to new goods, you can also used and tested consoles without risk to buy. At ReBuy you get consoles that are still in top condition, checked by the dealer and often even offered in “like new” condition. The advantage: You pay significantly less and get a PS4 even faster. Win win!

Buy the PS4 at Idealo

Above Idealo the Playstation 4 is often available new and used. Here they are usually already available for under 350 euros.

PS4 DualShock Bundle with Extra Controller

Couch Co-op Pack: One PlayStation 4 with 500GB of storage and two DualShock controllers you can also often get it used from Amazon, a good price for it is currently 285 euros. It is best to check availability regularly directly with the retailer.

Buy PS4 Pro: Partially available on Amazon

You can find the more powerful PS4 Pro with 1 TB of storage on Amazon from just under 310 euros.

Would you rather try your luck on the PS5? Here you can check if Sony’s latest console is available right now!

Buy PS4: The best deals of 2022

If you want Playstation games, you don’t necessarily need a PS5: many new titles also run on the previous model, the popular PS4. It is available as a standard or slightly more powerful Pro version. According to a report by “Bloomberg”, Sony produces some models of the PS4 also in 2022 still new because the PlayStation 5 is so hard to come by. Good news, because at the moment the PS4 is mostly only available as a remainder or used. We collect the best current offers and availabilities for you here.

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