Boris Becker offends in prison: fellow inmates annoyed by tennis legend

Boris Becker offends in prison: fellow inmates annoyed by tennis legend
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Boris Becker is currently serving a prison sentence. The prison conditions are very difficult for him.Image: AA / Wiktor Szymanowicz

In April, Boris Becker was sentenced by a London court to two and a half years in prison without parole for various bankruptcy offences. The former tennis ace has already started the punishment, but the prison conditions are causing Becker a lot of trouble. This week, an insider revealed that the 54-year-old struggles primarily with the menu. “He’s going through a tough time and the worst thing of all is the food. He can’t believe how bad it is and how small the portions are,” read The Sun.

But Becker’s dissatisfaction apparently even affects the mood of his fellow inmates, as the “Bild” now reports. The multiple Wimbledon winner should always offend with one comment in particular.

Boris Becker’s fellow prisoners annoyed

Boris Becker has been in prison for twelve days now, but apparently he has by no means come to terms with the circumstances – all the more so since he is used to a completely different lifestyle as a star. It hardly consoles him that he is allowed to use the phone more often than is actually allowed.

Boris Becker is not doing well in prison.

Boris Becker is not doing well in prison.Image: dpa / Frank Augstein

In addition to the food, Becker is said to have been annoyed by the fact that he was not allowed to take a shower last weekend. Because of this, he complained to other inmates. In fact, inmates are only allowed to shower twice a week.

But even when the food is served, Becker is said to complain to his fellow prisoners again and again, or to be more precise, several times a day. Too small portions of food are still a big issue for him.

Becker apologizes – and makes it worse

According to “Bild” information, the ex-tennis star then apologizes to the other inmates for complaining and refers to the big change that imprisonment means for him – after all, he has had a privilege since his Wimbledon triumph life led. However, it is precisely this reference to his (former) prosperity that makes him particularly unpopular.

Although it is also said that he has many fans in prison because of his former sporting successes, Becker seems to increasingly antagonize the rest of the prisoners. His frequent inquiries to the guards as to when he will be transferred to a better prison presumably add fuel to the fire.

Everyday life in Wandswoth Prison is actually very hard. “The conditions are miserable, almost inhuman. It can get cold in the cells and there is hardly any daylight”, the “The Sun” whistleblower also stated this week. Becker uses the equivalent of almost twelve euros pocket money per week to upgrade the menu with chocolate, biscuits and bananas from the canteen. What remains, however, are the many unpleasant smells and the noise of the more than thousand prisoners.


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