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Borderlands 2 was available for free from Epic Games almost two years ago. Now the successor is also available for free download for a few days. The story of Borderlands 3 begins on the planet Pandora, said to house chambers of riches once built by the extraterrestrial civilization of the Eridians.

Borderlands 3 is the fifth game in the Borderlands universe. Playing either alone or in groups of up to four people, players can choose a character from one of four classes and complete various main and side missions. These are awarded by non-player characters (NPCs) and on so-called bounty boards and promise the player not only financial rewards and equipment, but also experience points. When the player reaches a certain level, he can use these experience points to improve his character’s abilities.

There were four characters at launch: Amara the Siren; Moze the soldier; Zane, the agent; and FL4K, a robot and beastmaster. Unlike previous Borderlands games, each character in this installment can unlock three unique abilities, but only one, except for Zane, can be equipped at a time. The agent has the option to forego their grenade mod and equip another ability instead.

The player gains access to a spaceship called Sanctuary III, which serves as a central point of contact between missions. Here the player can, among other things, store his equipment, obtain new items from vending machines or a golden chest, interact with the crew members or head for other planets. However, a map of the game world allows the player to fast travel to previously visited locations from anywhere, which is also possible with a vehicle obtained via a catch-a-ride station.

Besides completing missions, the main purpose of the game is to kill enemies, explore the open game world, collect experience points and various equipment. The character uses a variety of weapons, which are divided into the classes of assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols and revolvers, shotguns, sniper rifles and bazookas. They differ in values ​​such as damage, reload speed or rarity.

In contrast to many other shooter games, it is not possible to improve the weapons; rather, better and better material can and should be found by defeating bosses or by finding special boxes. In addition to the normal weapons, of which a maximum of four can be used in turn, the player is free to use grenades, protective shields serve as a buffer before life energy drops due to damage. In addition, two different player attribute improving artefacts can be equipped. [Quelle: Wikipedia]

Borderlands 3 can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store until May 26th and will then be yours without any time restrictions.

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