Bloober: Contract with Sony raises hopes for Silent Hill

Bloober: Contract with Sony raises hopes for Silent Hill
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Rumors about the development of a new “Silent Hill” persist. It could be one of the next big PS5 exclusives if the rumors and speculation are true.

Went a year ago Konami and Bloober Team have partnered one that quickly sparked speculation. Many fans were hoping that the developer would be tasked with producing a new Silent Hill.

A few weeks later denied Bloober Team the production of such a game, which of course can mean anything or nothing. Because at the beginning of 2021, the company was still talking about a “horror IP” that would be created together with a “very famous gaming publisher”.

This week made it clear that “Silent Hill” is definitely a brand that never rests some pictures, which popped up on Twitter and were banned from there just as quickly. The copyright holder filed an objection, which is usually a sign that the material is authentic.

Contract between Bloober and Sony

But that’s not all, because speculation continued at the weekend. The trigger is a closed partnership between Bloober and the PS5 manufacturer Sony. It states that Bloober will enter into “a significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the distribution of select titles” in the new distribution system.

And further: “In the Issuer’s opinion, the sale of the Securities will have an impact on the Issuer’s financial results for 2022 and subsequent periods.”

On paper, this seems like a perfectly normal deal. However, taking into account the previous rumors and speculation came quite quickly the guessthat this agreement could also have something to do with “Silent Hill”.

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A leaker who previously leaked information about Silent Hill emphasized that Sony is involved in the development of the game. That would suggest a PS5 exclusive for Silent Hill – something that even the most well-informed journalist and insider, Jeff Grubb, doesn’t rule out.

After a follower threw the theory into the room that “Silent Hill” will appear exclusively for the PS5, he emphasized in a follow-up tweet: “The likelihood of this happening is very high. Yes.”

“Silent Hill” is one of the oldest horror games on the market. The first part was released in 1999 for the first PlayStation. Several numbered successors followed. In 2007 the PSP title “Silent Hill Origins” was released, which later also landed on the PS2. “Silent Hill: Homecoming” from 2008/2009, on the other hand, was developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and for the PC.

More news about Silent Hill:

In 2009/2010 “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories” followed for Wii, PS2 and PSP, before a long dry spell followed after “Silent Hill: Downpour” and “Silent Hill: Book of Memories” from 2012. “Silent Hills”, which was to be created under the leadership of Hideo Kojima, caused a lot of hype. In 2015 the project was canceled and Kojima left Konami.

More news about Silent Hill.

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