Bill Kaulitz: HIM is embarrassed by my alcohol image

Bill Kaulitz: HIM is embarrassed by my alcohol image
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Is he harming his band? And his health?

New old worries about Bill Kaulitz (32): Does the singer have an alcohol problem? You get the impression from his new podcast episode “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, which he runs with his twin brother Tom (32).

Before the recording, Bill poured himself a drink. “Yes, I’m drunk,” admits the Tokio Hotel frontman. “Don’t you allow me to relax a bit?”

Even after the start of recording, the brothers treat themselves to a cocktail, Tom’s own creation. Although both were not in the same place. Tom recorded at home in L.A. and Bill in Berlin. Tom had this self-created cocktail sent to his brother’s hotel room. “I can tell you’re trying not to sound drunk,” Tom jokes during the recording.

The Kaulitz twins Tom (left) and Bill also run their own podcast on Spotify

Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa

But then it gets serious. Bill uses the topic to address his alcohol image. Her band colleague Georg Listing (35) did not like his drinking at all.

The group’s bassist said to Bill, “It’s getting too much for him and he wants to distance himself from it”.

According to Georg, it’s not good for his career or his private life, says Kaulitz, who doesn’t quite share his concerns: “Georg would like me to take a different path now, but that’s not the case at all.”

Tom’s brother mostly only drinks before the podcast recordings to relax. “Otherwise I’ll work my ass off,” says Bill. In any case, he does not show himself to be insightful.

Is there a conflict at Tokio Hotel? Again and again the singer lashes out at his bass player. After a joint photo shoot of the band, both would have been together for a few days to take interview appointments.

Tokio Hotel with Georg Listing, Tom and Bill Kaulitz and Gustav Schäfer (from left)

Tokio Hotel (from left): Georg Listing, Tom and Bill Kaulitz and Gustav Schäfer

Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Actually, the appointments were intended for Bill alone, who decided to take Georg with him. “Then at least I had a sidekick,” Kaulitz looks back. But that didn’t go well. “Of course he was totally on the edge,” says Bill. So totally excited.

What happened: Bill and Georg visited a radio station in the morning, the editors prepared a few glasses of champagne to welcome them. Of course, the singer was happy, but Georg would only have shaken his head.

Bill with his sister-in-law Heidi Klum and their daughter Leni

Bill with his sister-in-law Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni

Photo: WireImage

His bandmate then said: “It’s embarrassing that you have such an image that people are already putting champagne in front of you.” Ouch!

But Bill is not alone with his opinion. Klum’s husband Tom sees Georg as a “bourgeois”.

With the Kaulitzes you see everything a little more relaxed…


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