Big Marvel MMORPG dies before it really gets going – money goes to Lord of the Rings and DC

Big Marvel MMORPG dies before it really gets going – money goes to Lord of the Rings and DC
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It’s only been six months since a new project was unveiled: a AAA MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe. But the superhero dream is already over – instead the money goes to other projects.

What kind of project should that be? Behind the Marvel MMORPG were the makers of DC Universe Online, a kind of competitive event.

Project manager Jack Emmet has apparently been trying to get a Marvel MMORPG up and running since 2006. But just like the “first attempt” – “Marvel Universe Online” – the new MMORPG does not come off now.

Because after the holding company behind the project, Enad Global 7, only announced new projects and this Marvel project in November, the whole project is now over again.

Marvel resources are said to flow into other projects – including LOTRO and DCUO

That’s why the game doesn’t happen after all: As EG7 announced in a press release, a decision has been made to discontinue further development of the Marvel project.

According to EG7, several factors played a role: The risk of the development and the scope of the investment were reassessed and then it was decided to set the priorities differently.

Over the next three years, EG7 had planned to invest around 47 million euros in the Marvel project. This sum is now to be distributed to other projects within the group.

Particularly exciting: In addition to DC Universe Online, this also includes the Lord of the Rings MMO “Lord of the Rings Online”. This has just received a major overhaul and now offers significantly more F2P opportunities compared to before.

In addition, they want to continue working on their own original IPs.

The money then goes to Gandalf instead of Dr. strange

What players say: The development is already being discussed in the “Games” subreddit.

  • “The only reason I can think of is that the license fees were too high and they didn’t expect to break even,” typed user Vichnaiev (via reddit).
  • “Damn. DCUO was one of my favorite games and I was looking forward to getting into the Marvel game with old friends,” commented another user (via reddit).

All in all, players are surprised that the game suddenly disappears from the scene again, when it hadn’t even really started yet.

When it comes to Marvel, of course, there are now plenty of alternatives, even if it looks rather thin on the MMO front. For example, the Spider-Man players on the PlayStation are always worth a look, and Wolverine will soon be getting its own game.

But it also happens that players are fed up with superheroes. This is the case, for example, with some Fortnite fans who no longer want Marvel crossovers.

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