Berlinale star Nicolette Krebitz: My love life is getting better and better

Berlinale star Nicolette Krebitz: My love life is getting better and better
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She became a star 25 years ago with the film “Bandits”. Today, Nicolette Krebitz is not only in front of the camera, but also behind it. Now her new film “AEIOU – The Fast Alphabet of Love” is coming to the cinemas, which was already celebrated at the Berlinale.

BILD am Sonntag: You are successful as a director in a male-dominated profession. Was that hard work?

Nicolette Krebitz: “At the moment it has become a bit easier for women because everyone is so attentive and wants or has to be so. Sometimes it’s a bit different for me because I’m also an actress and probably offer a certain kind of projection surface.”

Which projections do you mean?

Krebitz: “Oh, something like “I used to think she was really cute…” or “She’s an actress, you can’t take her seriously…” Some men associate me with a certain time in their youth, when I apparently once briefly covered a fantasy. That these men then have to let a woman like me grow into a different person over time is sometimes an issue that is probably associated with a kind of parting pain.”

You also wrote the screenplay for your new film. In it, a 60-year-old woman falls in love with a man 43 years her junior. What did you learn about love from it?

Krebitz: “There is something I already knew but had forgotten.”

In fact?

Krebitz: “Actually, in love, you know everything from the start. Then it’s always kind of downhill. And finally you try to restore the state you were in at the beginning of the relationship. Now I find the best thing to do is to be with someone I get along with and just have a good time.”

So the partner who is also the best friend?

Krebitz: “A good friend. And a suitor.”

You will be 50 this year. Does love become easier or more difficult as life progresses?

Krebitz: “Contrary to all clichés, which always say that love for a woman stops after a certain age, I have to say from personal experience that love and love life actually tend to get better and better. My therapist once told me that men’s desire decreases with age and that the opposite is true for women. It’s interesting that we’re all told the opposite all the time.”

Nicolette Krebitz used to be with DJ Fetish (60), then with the author Moritz von Uslar (51), with whom she has son Carl (18). She does not reveal who her current partner is.

Berlinale star Nicolette Krebitz: My love life is getting better and better
Photo: BILD

How do you heal lovesickness?

Krebitz: “Time is the best cure for lovesickness. I was writing the screenplay and I was just a little heartbroken. As work progressed I got over it and in the end I was able to look at love again with a generous and forgiving look. Otherwise I can recommend yoga or at least meditation and being around people who mean well by you.”

Was the message important to you that not only men can look for partners half your age, but that it’s also completely okay the other way around?

Krebitz: “I feel now that when I leaf through the magazines I see men with women of the same age and I think: But he has an old wife … I’ve obviously gotten so used to the fact that men mostly hang out with me in public much younger women show that when I see a couple of the same age, I think something must be wrong. For example, when I saw the first pictures of Emmanuel Macron and his wife, I caught myself researching whether there might be something wrong with the relationship.”

Nicolette Krebitz am 13. Februar bei der Premiere ihres Filmes „A E I O U - Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe“ bei der BerlinalePhoto: picture alliance/dpa/Gerald Matzka

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/nicolette-krebitz-am-february-13-at-the-premier-of-your-film-aeiou—das-faste-alphabet- der-e6c6844ccd1144b0b22820671f750679-80306808/image/3.image.jpg”/>

Nicolette Krebitz at the premiere of her film “AEIOU – The Fast Alphabet of Love” at the Berlinale on February 13Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Gerald Matzka

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Krebitz: “No. At least not with such a big age difference as in the film. But in the cinema you can exaggerate to make things visible. I spoke to many women in advance who have a much younger partner. Most of them would never have chosen this relationship on their own. Almost everyone said it only happened because he just didn’t let go.”


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