Before signature! Poldi lured coaches from Mainz 05 to Poland

Before signature!  Poldi lured coaches from Mainz 05 to Poland
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Now the surprise that BILD first reported on Tuesday is perfect.

Ex-national player Lukas Podolski (37) has a German coach.

Bisher im Nachwuchs von Mainz 05 tätig, trainiert Bartosch Gaul jetzt Lukas Podolski beim polnischen Erstligisten Górnik ZabrzePhoto: picture alliance / Eibner press photo

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Previously a junior with Mainz 05, Bartosch Gaul is now training Lukas Podolski at the Polish first division club Górnik ZabrzePhoto: picture alliance / Eibner press photo

Bartosch Gaul (34), previously coach of the Mainz 05 U23s in the regional league, has signed with Górnik Zabrze, Poldi’s youth club, in which the ex-Cologne native has been playing since last summer.

In the search for a successor to coach Jan Urban (60), who only finished 8th last season and therefore had to leave a week ago, the Polish first division club had loose talks with ex-Schalke coach Mirko Slomka (54) and Michal Gasparik (40, Spartak Trnava). However, Gaul was obviously the preferred candidate from the start.

According to BILD information, it was Podolski personally who lured Mainz to the Upper Silesians: Poldi himself made the first contact with Gaul in Mainz!

For the German born in Bytów (Pomerania), Poland, who moved to Mainz as a youth coach from Schalke 04 in 2015 and speaks fluent Polish, it is a great opportunity to make a name for himself in professional football. Górnik Zabrze is a bit known as the “Schalke of Poland”: Incredible tradition, huge fan support, 14-time champion – but they have been chasing their 15th title for 34 years.

In Mainz, Gaul (last finished 5th in the Regionalliga Südwest) had an exit clause in his contract, which ran until 2023, in the event of such an offer. 05 sports director Christian Heidel (59) had immediately signaled in BILD that they would not put any obstacles in the way of the coach anyway.

“It’s really not easy for me to say goodbye after seven years,” explains Gaul about the change, saying: “I had a fantastic time in Mainz and I’m very grateful to the club for the opportunity to work and develop here. But I felt like it was now time for the next step. For me, moving to a traditional club like Gornik Zabrze in my native country is a great opportunity. I would like to thank those responsible at Mainz 05 for their understanding – and of course I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the club.”

As can be heard in the club, the Poles are transferring a small, more symbolic fee (less than 100,000 euros) to the Rhine. Junior head coach Jan Siewert (39) will take over his job at Mainz 05 on an interim basis. Volker Kersting (49), head of the youth academy for the 05ers: “We will prepare the appointment of a new coach for the U23s in peace and quiet, taking into account our long-term plans for coach development.”


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