Because of only friends! While Yeliz Koc cuddles with Paco on TV, Jimi still lives with her

Because of only friends!  While Yeliz Koc cuddles with Paco on TV, Jimi still lives with her
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Yeliz Koc
While she cuddles with Paco on TV, Jimi still lives with her

Yeliz Koc

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Yeliz Koc goes really well with “Battle of the Reality Stars” and cuddles unashamedly with ex-“Love Island” winner Paco Herb. Yeliz’ ex Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht was also an issue during the shooting.

What exactly is going on between Yeliz Koc, 28, and Paco Herb, 26? While both have always claimed to be just friends, the latest episode “Battle of the Reality Stars” makes it clear: Even if there is currently only one friendship, both wanted more at the beginning – and there was more.

Yeliz Koc enjoys spending time with Paco Herb

One might think that “The Bachelor” or “Love Island” would get down to business quickly, but Yeliz and Paco show the TV formats that made them known at the time how it really works. “Battle of the Reality Stars” really doesn’t aim for couples to form there. But Yeliz and Paco turn the competition into a dome show. The two are constantly attached to each other, cuddling and raving about each other: “I’ve really not been here long and we’ve come a long way for that. Of course that wasn’t my plan. […] “It may not be right with Paco, but it just feels right. It comes from both of us. And it’s definitely good for me to have him here after what I’ve been through “, so the verdict of Yeliz.

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No love comeback with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht

Everything would be so nice, but at the time of shooting, Yeliz’ ex Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 30, with whom she has a daughter, was apparently still an issue. Although the two were already separated, the matter was probably not quite over at the time. “But I’ll be honest: I don’t know how to explain it at home,” the 28-year-old confesses to the other participants after she and Paco made the duvet shake the night before. But Yeliz denies that the two really went to extremes.

And yet the reality TV actress seems to have a guilty conscience: “I can’t take my ex-boyfriend back because I can’t get out of this thing here with Paco. As soon as I get out of here and tell him about it … I I don’t think he wants to then. […] Jimi and I still live together. He’s not always there, but when he’s there, he naturally sleeps in our bed. That means I would have to explain to him: ‘Unfortunately you have to sleep on the sofa.’ It will definitely change things at home.”

Yeliz Koc on breaking up with Jimi:

Just friends or more?

And how did things turn out in the end? Yeliz also says to “Bild” that there was no sex. But Jimi was angry anyway: “I hardly had the opportunity to tell Jimi about it. He had already guessed it because we had spoken on the phone when I was out and Paco was next to me. He was angry and ignored me when I But after that we were able to sort everything out, after all we had been separated for about six months at the time.”

Meanwhile it is Jimi who is in love again. With Yeliz and Paco, on the other hand, it still doesn’t seem entirely clear whether they will become more or just remain friends.

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