Battle of the reality stars: This is how Elena Miras clawed the win

Battle of the reality stars: This is how Elena Miras clawed the win
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Final sprint at Star Beach!

For the finale of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, all the residents resolved to give their all once again and looked back on the past shared apartment time. Yasin Mohammed (30) was already reminiscing: “What we have already experienced! Was there ever a day when we didn’t experience anything, when everything was totally stress-free?” Of course not – and that didn’t change for the grand finale either.

A change in the rules caused the first shock: all the eliminated stars would be present as jurors on the evening of the final and choose the winner. Fear gripped the remaining stars. Even Elena Miras (29) was afraid of failure: “If I screw up, what do I do then? That’s the absolute worst thing that could happen.” Yasin’s will to fight awoke: “I want to take the money home with me!”

Moderatorin Cathy HummelsPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany RTLZWEI

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Presenter Cathy HummelsPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany RTLZWEI

Paco chokes out

But first a few challenges awaited the Sala residents! In the first game “Fit im Schnitt” a drink had to be poured out of the “puke fruit” (actually: durian). This is where Sissi Hofbauer (26) and Paco Herb (22) got it – they had to pack their bags. Paco complained after violent choking attacks: “I’ve never drunk anything so disgusting in my life. Almost bodily harm!”

He desperately had to leave his new heart, Yeliz Koc (28), behind: “Paco will be missing. A day here is like an eternity. And there is no one here that I can hug like I could hug him.”

Ronald und Yeliz (v. l.) mussten sich vor dem Finale verabschiedenPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

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Ronald and Yeliz (from left) had to say goodbye before the finalPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

But there would hardly have been time for that, because the next challenge was already imminent. The residents were allowed to choose from two gifts: one contained a final ticket, one contained direct expulsion. Malkiel Rouven Dietrich (39) dared – and got the place in the final.

Instead of cheering and being happy, however, he then lamented in the group: “I would have so much wished for the exit ticket!” That even pissed off the otherwise relaxed ex-judge Ronald Schill (63), who etched : “I can deal with idiots, but not with complete idiots!” Elena was already furious: “Then someone has this ticket and doesn’t even appreciate it. How should one react to that? I feel fooled!”

She was able to let her anger out in the last game. There, the candidates had to search for correct answers in the “forest of flags”; a balloon could be pierced with the correct flag, some of which contained final tickets. Rigorously, Yasin and Elena rushed off and ran over each other in the wild fight for the flag. Ronald was outraged: “Elena, you’re walking over corpses!”

But she was lucky and got hold of one of the coveted tickets to the final, which she received with jubilation and screams. Ronald once again observed the scene very closely: “She is such a passionate woman, she probably cries when she has an orgasm.” Yasin and Schäfer Heinrich (55) were also allowed to move on to the final, Ronald and Yeliz had to go.

Schäfer Heinrich, Elena und Yasin (v. l.) freuten sich über ihren Einzug ins FinalePhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

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Schäfer Heinrich, Elena and Yasin (from left) were happy about their entry into the finalPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

Tears in the final showdown

The production lived up to its promise: all the ex-residents gathered to distribute their winning coins. Before that, however, each finalist was allowed to tearfully tell why he wanted to win.

Yasin wanted to dedicate the prize to his single mother: “I always told her: one day you’ll get something back from me.” Elena sobbed her thanks to her roommates: “I fight prejudice in every show, and this is the first time that so many people have given me the chance to get to know myself as I am.” Heinrich pledged to invest the prize money of 50,000 euros in his sheep and the farm. Only Malkiel wasn’t keen on the title: “Choose between these three.”

Elena entschied das Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen für sich – und sank auf die KniePhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany RTLZWEI

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Elena won the head-to-head race – and sank to her kneesPhoto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany RTLZWEI

And this decision turned into a head-to-head race: after the ex-residents distributed their coins, Elena and Yasin tied, each got six coins.

Sissi Hofbauer then tipped the scales and chose her friend Elena: “My darling, the last coin tonight goes to you.” Now Elena was certain of victory – she sank to her knees and announced in amazement: ” I still can’t really believe that I won. I’m lost for words.”

She would like to invest the winnings of 50,000 euros in her house.


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