“Battle of the reality stars”: Prince Heinz goes for Elena Miras

“Battle of the reality stars”: Prince Heinz goes for Elena Miras
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These sayings caused tears.

There was a lot of coming and going on Star Beach again this week. With so much excitement, rituals can have a calming effect – Ronald Schill (63) has found his. And so he devoted himself again to the nude personal hygiene, when the next inhabitants were to be discovered on the horizon.

Paco Herb (26) was the first to trundle ashore and hoped for willing women: “If something comes up, I won’t run away.” Schäfer Heinrich (55) saw much more in the “Love Island” winner of 2021 than a love-hungry Romeo . He already sensed agricultural potential: “Can you drive a tractor? Then you can help me harvest the hay.”

The former GNTM candidate Larissa (21) also arrived, the shepherd could hardly keep up: “Today is crazy again. This is where the action takes place!” And then a third participant even sailed in the direction of Sala. “Berlin Day and Night” actor Martin Wernicke (42) was greeted with great charm by his former colleague Jan Leyk (37): “You’ve gotten fat, hey!”

While then a scandal between Jan and the Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana (25) caused bitter tears, the next clouds were already emerging in the dreamy Thai sky. The forthcoming nominations dug deep lines of concern into the foreheads of the Sala residents – a strategy seemed imperative.

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Jan LeikPhoto: RTLZWEI / Photo: Paris Tsitsos Paris Tsitsos/RTLZWEI

Prince Heinz wants to “chop off the snake’s head”

Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (67) had already chosen a scapegoat: “Elena Miras is a human being, if she believes in something, she bites like a bulldog.” He absolutely had to share this knowledge with Ronald Schill and Schäfer Heinrich : “She wraps the boys around their hands and they don’t even notice it. And her lady-in-waiting is Sissi.”

Highly concentrated, Heinz calculated how many more Elena sheep there were to poach: “If we still take Nina Kristin to us, we would have five votes. Then we could get the Elena out.” Ronald agreed to the planned disempowerment: “Of course you have to see that the battleships are eliminated early on.”

Heinz put it even more drastically: “I’ll chop off the head of the snake. If she thinks she’s the queen of the sala… There are other strong characters here too.”

The group later came together again, this time alongside Yasin Mohamed (30). And again Heinz sounded: “I have respect for that. Nevertheless, if I won, I would cut off the snake’s head.” A saying that made the sensitive Yasin difficult to manage: “I’m out of there.”

He immediately ran to Elena Miras (30) and reported back – and she was furious: “What a disgusting guy!” Heinz repeated that he thought Elena would rally and control people. Now even Jan Leyk felt attacked: “I’m influenced by Elena? I?”

But Heinz went a step further and blasphemed: “She’s a ghetto bride. You can change your job, but not your past.” Elena then shed tears in the consulting room: “It’s amazing what he said. For me, Heinz is superficial, aloof. He’s manipulative in my eyes and just not appropriate for this show.”

Jan and Sissi have to leave the sala

Revenge followed in the “hour of truth”. Elena made short work and nominated the blasphemer prince: “You called me a snake, you said I influence other candidates. Therefore: for you!” But Jan Leyk had made himself even less popular after his attack on the twins. He collected the most nomination coins and had to make the exit.

The newcomers were also allowed to send a Sala resident home and chose Elena’s “lady in waiting” Sissi Hofbauer (26). She didn’t go without leaving a few tips for her cronies as she said goodbye: “Never hide what you think. Always say it straight. Be yourself.”


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