“Battle of the Reality Stars” comeback: “The absolute shock moment!”

“Battle of the Reality Stars” comeback: “The absolute shock moment!”
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He’s back again.

A relaxed resting pulse is far from in sight for the reality stars from the Thai dream beach. Paco Herb (26) and Yeliz Koc (28) devoted themselves to their love heart pounding under the covers – with telltale movements.

Exactly what happened remained a secret – fortune teller Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, however, prophesied Yeliz in an intimate fortune teller session: “You will have to make a decision between two men.”

Yeliz und Paco sind die zwei Turteltauben der Sendung und können die Finger nicht voneinander lassenPhoto: RTLZWEI/obs

” data-zoom-src = “https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/yeliz-und-paco-sind-die-zwei-turteltauben-der-sendungen-und-kan-the-fingers-not-of-each-other- let-1e489344d6b744ce8dcffb2f77efd090-80206084/image/4.image.jpg”/>

Yeliz and Paco are the two lovebirds on the show and can’t keep their hands off each otherPhoto: RTLZWEI/obs

For completely different reasons, the heart rate of the other Sala residents suddenly shot up to unimagined heights. In the game “Sendezeit-Sense” they didn’t have to fight themselves, but reality stars who had already been chased off the beach.

One in particular caused a real bang: “Berlin Day and Night” actor Jan Leyk (37). He had to leave after a verbal attack on the Jakic twins (25) and was now hoping to return. Yasin Mohamed (30) couldn’t believe it: “The absolute shock moment!”

Jan was then able to prevail against the other ex-candidates together with Sissi Hofbauer (26) and proudly walked back to the star dwelling. He revealed his plan to his Sala friend Elena Miras (30): “I’ll all f *****. It’s closing time now.”

Dicke Luft? Es gibt mal wieder ordentlich Zoff am TraumstrandPhoto: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

“data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/dicke-luft-es-machen-mal-wieder-ständig-zoff-am-traumstrand-8ec25c26e4224b0ca10a4d4b68b3804e-80206460/Bild/4.bild. jpeg”/>

Thick air? There’s a lot of Zoff on the dream beach againPhoto: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

Before the round, however, he offered a debate: “Before you get worried, confront me with your criticisms.”

Ex-politician and ex-judge Ronald Schill didn’t need to be told twice and repeated all the charges: “I and everyone else had to witness how you insulted four different women so badly within a week that everyone cried. First Nina Kristin, the second person was Tessa, the third thing was opposite the twins. You are incapable of self-criticism.”

After a bitter discussion, he then described Leyk as a “pig”, who didn’t see it at all to take it himself: “You call me pig? What kind of styleless old man are you?”

Schäfer Heinrich ist ein Verbündeter von Jan Leyk in der Show - kann Jan auf seine Unterstützung zählen?Photo: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/schaefer-heinrich-ist-ein-allied-of-jan-leyk-in-der-show—kann-jan-auf- his-support-zaeh-45ee1891b091437aa7fc029fdebaca43-80206618/Bild/4.bild.jpg”/>

Schäfer Heinrich is an ally of Jan Leyk on the show – can Jan count on his support?Photo: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

Yasin had also long since terminated his friendship with his “bro” Jan: “I don’t want anything to do with a person like that. Not to die.”

While Schill then took a vow of silence in the “Thai-Ny-House”, Jan Leyk tried desperately to find followers so as not to be driven straight out of paradise.

He babbled Schäfer Heinrich (55): “I’ve been working for you since day one, massaging your neck. I made the kitchen with you. You were my best friend here in the sala. And then something like that. I would never mean you any harm or vote you out.”

Er ist wieder raus! Jan muss erneut seine Koffer packen und den Strand verlassenPhoto: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/er-ist-wieder-raus-jan-muss-again-seine-koffer-pack-und-den-strand-verlassen-8b7f7e85199b4f91b4896fd9f689c88c- 80206210/image/4.image.jpg”/>

He’s out again! Jan has to pack his bags again and leave the beachPhoto: RTLZWEI/Banijay Productions Germany

This strategy worked for Schäfer Heinrich – he did not nominate Jan, but Martin for the move. Otherwise, the decision at the “Moment of Truth” was obvious: With eight nomination coins, Leyk had to pack his things again and sail back home again.

Prince Heinz of Sayn-Wittgenstein (67) didn’t even show up again: since the doctor had prescribed bed rest for him, he left early.


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