“Bares for Rares” candidates tremble after sale: surprise in the dealer room

“Bares for Rares” candidates tremble after sale: surprise in the dealer room
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Two years later, Fornasetti triggered a huge hype with some drawings and got to know a well-known name from Italy. “That was Gio Ponti – also a designer, architect and furniture designer. The two then worked together,” says Deutschmanek, who notes that glasses from the Biedermeier period, Bohemian glasses and crystal glasses are printed on the ice bucket.

“The condition is almost perfect. Inside there is only a small dent, but otherwise practically unused,” says the expert, who locates the object in the 1960s to early 1970s. When asked about the desired price, Bartsch replies: “42,000 euros – yes, we would also give it for 200 euros.”

Deutschmanek does not agree with this. “If you really overdo it, like some websites, then they are there for 1,000 euros. But that’s complete nonsense. Only because the name Fornasetti is behind it,” says the expert. “I believe that a realistic price here is 300 to 400 euros.”

Lights did not expect this price. “Wow! I would have taken the thing with me for a fiver at the flea market, but I would have walked past it at 300 to 400 euros,” he admits and hands over the dealer card to his friends.

“An absolute sensation!”

In the dealer room, art dealer Markus Wildhagen is very impressed. “I like Fornasetti things very much. I even gave my son something from Fornasetti. I think it’s a really great design and one of the most important designers of the 20th century,” he enthuses and offers 150 euros for the object.

However, the bids are rising rapidly because almost all dealers are interested in the designer piece. When jewelry dealer Susanne Steiger offers 700 euros, Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz asks, dumbfounded: “So you already know that it’s just a bucket?” But that doesn’t impress his colleagues, and auctioneer Christian Vechtel continues with 1,000 euros. “Will you tell us what you paid?” he asks his friends. “No,” both reply, laughing.

Finally, art dealer Daniel Meyer increased the price to 1,350 euros. “Well, I really thought I was crazy, but you have the top today,” interjects Lehnertz, stunned. “You also have to be able to recognize quality,” counters Vechtel and finally offers 1,550 euros. Wildhagen gets the contract for 1,600 euros. “Incredible!”, says Lehnertz.

“Yes, Markus, madness! 1,600 euros. The condition is simply the decisive thing with this thing,” says Vechtel and congratulates his opponent on the purchase. “An absolute sensation!” says Wildhagen happily. The sellers, on the other hand, can hardly believe their luck. “I can’t really talk yet, my tongue is still trembling!” Bartsch admits. Eichinger can only agree: “I’m rarely speechless, but at the moment I am too.”

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