Bachelorette Sharon Battiste: Reunion on TV! She has known this stripper for a long time…

Bachelorette Sharon Battiste: Reunion on TV!  She has known this stripper for a long time…
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She probably didn’t expect that…

Sharon Battiste (30) distributes the coveted roses in this year’s Bachelorette season and is looking for her dream man. She has to find THE ONE among 20 bachelors to whom she gives her heart.

Next week, Wednesday, the first episode will start on TV on RTL, in which she will meet all the men of the season – and there will be a big surprise. Sharon recognizes one of the men!

Welcher Mann wird am Ende Sharons Herz erobern?Photo: RTL/René Lohse

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Which man will win Sharon’s heart in the end?Photo: RTL/René Lohse

As in every season, the men are driven in limousines to the Bachelorette mansion, where they are greeted one by one by Sharon. A first sniff, a short chat and the first eye contact – in these minutes a lot can be decided!

When candidate Basti Corsten (36) approaches Sharon, a wide grin appears on her face. After the greeting, she states: “I think I’ve seen you before.”

How does the beautiful Sharon know the muscle-bound candidate? He would like to know that too! The answer, however, is very simple: The bachelorette was already a guest on Basti’s strip show. The 36-year-old is co-founder and part of the men’s strip show SIXX PAXX, which Sharon has watched several times.

A fact that visibly embarrasses the single man. Already at the start of the season he revealed to RTL that he does not want to be pigeonholed because of his job.

But when he wants to know how she found the show, he gets the first compliment from the Bachelorette: “It was nice. did you do well Nice to look at.”

So angezogen sieht man ihn bei seinem Job selten: Basti ist Stripper und bezirzt die Frauen dabei mit seinen MuckisPhoto: RTL / René Lohse

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You rarely see him dressed like this at his job: Basti is a stripper and charms women with his muscles Photo: RTL / René Lohse

Later she reveals more details about her first spicy encounters with the sexy stripper: “So I know Basti. Basti is a stripper and we’ve been to a strip show with my girls once or twice. We really liked that and he was there on the stage.”

The Bachelorette seems to be a fan of Basti’s deposits! But is she also a fan of the single man? Apparently yes! At the end of the episode, Basti can look forward to a rose and thus to the next round.

By the way, Basti might not be the only candidate that Sharon already knows. What is striking: At the end of the first episode, two men of all people have to leave the show who have already been through dating formats before.

Für Fans von Dating-Shows ist ER kein Unbekannter: Dennis sucht bei der Bachelorette nicht zum ersten Mal die große Liebe im TVPhoto: RTL / René Lohse

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ER is no stranger to fans of dating shows: Dennis is not looking for great love on TV for the first time on the BachelorettePhoto: RTL / René Lohse

The single men Dennis (23) and Mohamed (36) did not get a rose. Was it because Sharon recognized her from the TV? Dennis ended up coming third on the show Love Island and has nearly 160,000 followers on Instagram. Mohamed is known from the dating show Are You The One.

Did Sharon sense a fake love game by men? She doesn’t reveal that, but one thing is certain: she no longer wanted the two of them on the Bachelorette trip …

Auch für ihn gab es keine Rose: Mohamed musste gleich nach Folge eins seine Koffer packenPhoto: RTL/René Lohse

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There was no rose for him either: Mohamed had to pack his bags right after episode onePhoto: RTL/René Lohse


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