“Bachelorette” prelude – Sharon gave her first rose for THIS saying

“Bachelorette” prelude – Sharon gave her first rose for THIS saying
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Even machos get weak knees with this woman…

Since Wednesday evening it has been raining red roses on TV again. As the new Bachelorette, Sharon Battiste (30) turned the heads of the 20 love-hungry men right from the start. The beautiful single lady has big plans for her search for Mr. Right. With a candidate, it sparked immediately.

Sharon definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. At the beginning she promised: “Now I’ll take off my protective coat and open my soul.” And with a grin, the bachelorette added: “I’ll just bring a bit of bang to the booth.” A new kiss record – not excluded. Because, according to the woman from Cologne: “I feel like kissing really hard.”

Magier Stas überraschte die Bachelorette mit seinen ZauberkünstenPhoto: RTL

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Magician Stas surprised the bachelorette with his magic skillsPhoto: RTL

At the first sniff, the hearts of many of her admirers slipped into their pants. Personal trainer Lukas (28) was still amazed in the limousine: “That’s a pretty one.” She raved about the hamburger: “He’s totally my style.” Physiotherapist Maurice (26) even handed the dream woman a handwritten letter, but asked her : “Don’t read it now, read it in a relaxed manner when you have time.”

The souvenir was topped by salesman Steffen (27), who gave Sharon a plush elephant as a greeting. “This is Stephen. So that you can remember the name right away.” So everyone tried to impress the Bachelorette. Magician Stas (28) conjured up a heart-shaped lollipop out of nowhere.

Fußballer Max ließ sein T-Shirt sprechenPhoto: RTL

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Footballer Max let his t-shirt do the talking Photo: RTL

But then it came: footballer Max (26) wore his surprise directly on his body. The Cologne resident’s T-shirt was decorated with the slogan “Waiting for a girl like you”. A reference to Sharon, who was immediately hooked. The kicker joked: “You would make a good player’s wife. Will be packed. I’ll take you with me.”

With his action he had impressed the Bachelorette powerfully. She later said of the first impression: “I would say that Max is good at flirting. I definitely did.”

Max könnte die Bachelorette auch ohne T-Shirt beeindruckenPhoto: RTL/René Lohse

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Max could also impress the Bachelorette without a t-shirtPhoto: RTL/René Lohse

It was noticeable that two flirt professionals in the presence of the rose lady hardly got a word out.

Fitness coach Dennis (23) was already looking for happiness in love on the “Love Island” dome show and was very excited despite his camera experience. Even a well-intentioned “Chill out!” The bachelorette didn’t help much. Likewise candidate Mohamed (36), who is known from the dating show “Are You The One”.

However, what no one expected was that Sharon made her first decision after the round of introductions. Ball artist Max had impressed her so much that he received a rose even before the big cut flower award ceremony.

The Bachelorette: “I felt really good. I celebrate the t-shirt. It’s really sweet. ”By the way, the footballer promised his mom not to kiss the single lady until he was one hundred percent sure.

Wer hätte das gedacht: Die erste Rose ging an den Mann mit dem Motto-ShirtPhoto: RTL

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Who would have thought: The first rose went to the man with the motto shirtPhoto: RTL

Afterwards, others could also look forward to a rose. In the end, Dennis, Mohamed and candidate Patrick (35) had to go.


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