Apple’s VR headset is said to have 14 cameras – and without a gaming focus

Apple’s VR headset is said to have 14 cameras – and without a gaming focus
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Apple’s first VR headset casts its shadow. The manufacturer decided several years ago to develop the headset as a stand-alone device and not as VR glasses with a mandatory connection to an external computer, like the information citing people with knowledge reported on Friday. Although prototype wired headsets offered much better graphics in internal demos, Apple’s top management decided to go with a stand-alone headset under pressure from design chief Jony Ive.

Ive remains involved in the headset project, according to the report. The designer gave up his role at Apple almost three years ago, and was assured that he would remain an advisor to the group. I’ve often been called in to help his former colleagues on the design team push the engineers through certain hardware decisions, such as camera and battery placement the information.

He was also further concerned with the design of the headset and had meanwhile advocated not integrating the battery directly into the headset’s head mount. Instead, it should be attached to the body as an external component, similar to Magic Leap. However, it remains open which solution the final version of the headset will use, according to the report.

A total of 14 cameras are said to be in Apple’s headset, which, among other things, are supposed to be responsible for precisely capturing the user’s facial expressions in order to be able to animate avatars in a lifelike way. According to a previous report, Apple has also experimented with showing the eyes hidden behind the headset virtually on a screen on the outside. This allows other people in the room to see the facial expression of the headset wearer.

So far, it is largely unclear what applications Apple intends to use for such a VR/AR or mixed reality headset. Among other things, the group has bought companies that implement entertainment offers in virtual reality, Apple boss Tim Cook also brought up the display of tables in business meetings.

According to the new report, unlike most previous VR headsets, the project lacks a focus on games. Gaming has never been mentioned in internal Apple presentations, and Apple has not developed a game controller for the headset, but has so far relied on hand tracking and a finger clip as an input method. Apple’s developer conference WWDC could bring the first concrete software notes on the headset, observers expect the hardware to be introduced at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.

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