Apple: Success mostly in Steve Jobs’ footsteps

Apple: Success mostly in Steve Jobs’ footsteps
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In the first decade of this century, Apple founder Steven Jobs had driven the competition before him with a wealth of innovations and visions. At the moment, Apple is only making small steps when it comes to fundamental innovations.

Further no new product category

Before the developer conference, speculation was high that the technology group would present mixed reality (XR) glasses this year, i.e. glasses that can display virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements, or at least prepare the ground for them .

Technology race behind the scenes

Because Apple and the Facebook group Meta deliver behind the scenes a head-to-head race in the introduction of this technology. Insiders reported at the end of last year that Meta VR was poaching Apple employees and that Apple was trying to counteract this with six-figure bonus share packages in favor of the employees.

At the same time, Apple successfully recruited the PR manager responsible for this area from Meta. For market observers, this is a clear sign of Apple’s increased marketing efforts with XR technology.

No word on the XR glasses

But the fans were disappointed again and – seven years after the market launch of the Apple Watch – have to wait for the introduction of a major new product category: Apple boss Tim Cook did not mention VR or AR in his keynote address.

Success with your own chip

Instead, Apple is following the course of the past few years and is relying on further developments and detailed improvements of the Apple products, many of which were still fundamental in the Jobs era. Apple is particularly successful when it remains true to the line of the company founder or approaches it again. Two years ago, for example, the company management decided in the chip area to turn its back on the previous supplier Intel with the M1 chip – in the spirit of Jobs: to do as much as possible and as perfectly as possible in-house.

More performance with the same power consumption

Now this M1 success story is to be continued with the new generations of the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro laptops with the further developed M2 processor. The M2 chip system is said to offer more power than Apple’s first M1 chip with the same power consumption. Among other things, the M2 has a quarter more transistors, emphasized Apple technology chief Johny Srouji.

Further development of the car software CarPlay

In terms of further developments, the car division has taken what may be a crucial step: the mysterious Apple car is still nowhere in sight. The group has big plans for this with its car software CarPlay. So far, it has primarily brought content from an iPhone to the infotainment screen in the car. In the future, it should also offer access to car functions such as controlling the air conditioning – and also be able to operate the entire instrument cluster, for example with the speed display.

Won many well-known car companies for CarPlay

The first vehicles that use it should be presented at the end of next year, it said. Among the manufacturers that Apple says are participating in the project are Mercedes, Audi and Porsche, as well as Ford, Renault, Nissan and Volvo, among others. With its – in the spirit of Steve Jobs – closed app system that suggests more security, Apple may have an advantage over its competitor Google. Because Google has been working for years to offer manufacturers an Android version for vehicle functions in addition to the competing system for CarPlay – Android Auto.

Widgets now also for the iPhone

The detailed improvements include, for example, the new iOS 16 operating system on the iPhone. Among other things, it allows more options for personalizing the lock screen with so-called widgets for functions such as displaying the weather forecast. This is not new: the Android operating system has allowed this for a very long time. However, Apple also wants to offer developers a live interface via which, for example, the arrival time of a driving service or the status of a game can be displayed on the lock screen in real time.

Steve Jobs would probably have liked the new “Freeform” app very much: It’s a kind of digital whiteboard on which multiple users can share and edit not only text but also drawings, photos and videos.

iOS 16 to iPhone 8 usable

And when it comes to support, Apple is staying fairly true to the Jobs line: Despite the reduction in software support from six to five years, Apple is doing quite well compared to the Android competition. Owners of older iPhone models also benefit from the innovations of the new operating system: iOS 16 runs on all Apple smartphones from the iPhone 8 upwards. Smartphones with the Google operating system can usually no longer run the latest Android operating system after three or four years to use.

Conference in attendance

And even at the developer conference, which was held in person for the first time since Corona, the company management followed its company founder – albeit probably more by chance: only a few hundred developers and a few journalists were allowed to visit the futuristic company headquarters in Cupertino after a drawing of lots. Jobs had also hand-picked the audience for some of his events.

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