Andreas Gabalier: About his appearance on the Beatrice Egli Show: “I felt sorry for her”

Andreas Gabalier: About his appearance on the Beatrice Egli Show: “I felt sorry for her”
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The kiss from Beatrice Egli (33), which she spontaneously pressed on the cheek of her hit colleague Andreas Gabalier (37) in her “Beatrice Egli Show”, not only inspired the fans of the two, but the entire hit industry. One quickly wondered if something was going on between the two. After all, both the ex-“DSDS” winner and the “I sing a liad for di” singer are single. The two have not commented specifically on this for a long time, but now Gabalier speaks plain text about his relationship with Beatrice Egli in an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

Andreas Gabalier on rumors of love with Beatrice Egli: “It’s complete nonsense”

Even if hit fans may have finally hoped for a new dream couple in the hit sky after the separation of Florian Silbereisen (40) and Helene Fischer (37), nothing is going on between Andreas Gabalier and Beatrice Egli. The singer has now made that very clear in an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine”: “That’s complete nonsense”.

Nevertheless, the smack on stage that Beatrice Egli gave the 37-year-old even during his performance looked pretty familiar. The singer also describes Gabalier as a “unique person in my life”. But Gabalier wants to put the rumors to rest once and for all: “I’ve known her for a long time, but not that well.”

Beatrice Egli: That’s why she was so happy about Gabalier’s performance

The reason for his appearance on the Beatrice Egli Show” was more out of necessity. Three guests had spontaneously dropped out due to a corona infection. So a replacement had to be found quickly: “The fact is, she asked me to be on her television show should come because she had three corona failures. She called me because she still needed a big name,” says the Austrian. “I didn’t really have time because I had other commitments, but I felt sorry for her, so I did her the favor,” he continues Beatrice Egli obviously appreciates that. Completely delighted, she shouted “You’re there!” When the folk rocker was actually on stage in the obligatory lederhosen. The 33-year-old could no longer keep her joy in check and it came to the famous kiss.” She was so happy about that that she came on stage and gave me a smack on the cheek,” remembers Gabalier in the interview.

Beatrice Egli: clear statement from the singer

Anyone who now believes that this statement hits Beatrice Egli hard is wrong. As much as she was happy about Andreas Gabalier’s appearance on her show, she also enjoys her single life. For all doubters, she also shares a photo with a clear message on Instagram.

Under the photo she writes: “Relationship status: self-love”. She also adds the hashtag #ganzegal. The pretty Swiss woman seems to want to concentrate on herself for the time being.

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