Andrea Kiewel is amazed by the Ramon Roselly song in the “ZDF TV Garden”

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In the “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” Andrea Kiewel was surprised about a song text that hit star Ramon Roselly recited spontaneously (photomontage) © Screenshot/ZDF/ZDF-Fernsehgarten

The “ZDF TV Garden” celebrated its 600th edition on June 12th. Among the guests and well-wishers were pop star Ramon Roselly and his cousin, “Let’s Dance” winner René Casselly. While fooling around together, moderator Andrea Kiewel was really surprised about the lyrics of a song…

Mainz – The “ZDF TV Garden” (all news at a glance) was allowed to celebrate an impressive 600 episodes on June 12. Well-known guests such as Alphaville, Culcha Candela or pop star Ramon Roselly and his cousin René Casselly, who recently accompanied his Dance partner Kathrin Menzinger won the current “Let’s Dance” season. And because the two cousins ​​get along very well, they joked together with moderator Andrea Kiewel – until she addressed the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” winner from 2020 with a line of text …

Andrea Kiewel surprised because of Ramon Roselly’s vocal performance – pithy saying in the “ZDF television garden”

René Casselly proudly showed on “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” (all information about the show with Andrea Kiewel) that his dance training on “Let’s Dance” has fully paid off. When asked by Andrea Kiewel, his cousin and close friend Ramon Roselly himself did not rule out participating in the RTL dance show one day – and promptly asked Kiwi to join him in the jury for Joachim Llambi and Co. “No, you need a professional,” the moderator blocked with a laugh, but then at least put a small dance routine with the DSDS winner on the floor.

Pop star Ramon Roselly in the
“That you’re still allowed to sing ‘Come and help yourself’… I thought that had long been on the index,” laughed Andrea Kiewel when Ramon Roselly began “Come and help yourself” © Screenshot/ZDF/ZDF -TV garden

Moved by the good mood, Ramon Roselly even tuned in to his Peter Alexander cover “Come and help yourself”. But then Andrea Kiewel pricked up the lyrics of the song that was released in 1968: “But seriously, that you can still sing ‘Come and help yourself’… I thought that was on the index for a long time.”said the 57-year-old, who promptly added, “I’m glad it’s not!”

Andrea Kiewel jokes with Ramon Roselly and René Casselly – “ZDF TV Garden” with the best mood

At the side of the visibly well-rehearsed cousins ​​Ramon Roselly and René Caselly, Andrea Kiewel obviously felt really comfortable: together they not only joked extensively, but even pulled out a few spontaneous artistic tricks that were probably not on the schedule of the “ZDF TV garden” ( all broadcast dates 2022) were set – it doesn’t matter, the audience liked it!

But there was also room for other great emotions in the anniversary episode: Andrea Kiewel reacted with tears in her eyes to the loud cheering for the 600th episode of “ZDF Fernsehengarten”. Sources used: ZDF television garden (ZDF, episode of June 12, 2022)

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