Analysis of Canada: This is how Verstappen defeated Sainz

Analysis of Canada: This is how Verstappen defeated Sainz
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The race in analysis

We’ll let it be for now at this point. But don’t worry: in just a few hours we’ll be back with a new ticker edition for you to work through the remaining topics from Canada.

Finally, the reference to our large video analysis of the Canadian GP follows again. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll talked about the following topics for about an hour:

– Duel for victory: Verstappen vs. Sainz
– What slowed Alonso down so much
– Mercedes: Things are finally moving forward
– The result at a glance
– Vettel: Where was the speed?
– Schumacher: The next setback
– The World Cup status at a glance
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Have fun with it and see you later!

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Marko has Mercedes on the list

By the way: Helmut Marko doesn’t seem to have written off Mercedes yet. At ‘Sky’ he explains with regard to the World Cup: “The whole thing can happen very quickly and you have to keep working.”

“Mercedes has caught up massively and so has Ferrari [in Kanada] stronger than we expected. So the field in front is pushed together on these three brands,” says Marko.

Would of course be desirable from a neutral point of view!

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Reliability as a major Mercedes strength

Mercedes remains the only team without a retirement this year. “It’s funny that both teams’ cars keep stopping,” says Toto Wolff with regard to Red Bull and Ferrari.

They’re faster than Mercedes. But today, with Perez, a driver rolled out again. “But you can’t feel safe there. That can very quickly swing in a different direction,” warns Wolff.

“We are happy about our durability,” said the Austrian, who “doesn’t want to be happy too soon”. At the moment, however, reliability is definitely the greatest Mercedes strength this year.

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Horner: Would have caught Sainz anyway

How would the race have turned out if Sainz hadn’t made a second stop at the end? According to Christian Horner, Verstappen would still have won the race.

All the data showed that “he would have caught and overtaken him about ten laps before the end,” said the team boss, who also admits: “But you never know.”

In the end we will never know…

1:20 a.m

Binotto: Sainz is getting faster and faster

The Spaniard is still waiting for his first victory in Formula 1. Team boss Binotto nevertheless praises: “Carlos is gaining confidence in the car. He says he’s driving faster and faster.”

Sainz was as fast or even “slightly faster than Max” today, according to Binotto, who attests the Spaniard a “strong race”. “He was very, very close,” says the team boss.

Only qualifying this weekend might not have been “perfect”. Little things like that make all the difference in the end at the top.

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Tsunoda apologizes to the team

The Japanese was the only driver who retired through an accident today. “I was already in the garage and apologized to the whole team,” he reports, admitting: “I pushed too hard at the pit exit.”

That ended for him in the wall. “The pace was good today,” he gets annoyed and explains: “That’s why I’m disappointed with this end.” Teammate Gasly did finish. With P14 it was a day to forget for him too.

“Because we started further back, we thought we’d try a different strategy, so we stopped a bit earlier, but it didn’t really make a difference,” he shrugs.

“We just didn’t have the pace to fight in the top 10,” he admits. A big disappointment for AlphaTauri after Baku.

1:03 a.m

Binotto: The Leclerc engine change was a long time coming

Up to and including Friday, Ferrari and Leclerc always said that no decision had yet been made regarding an engine change. But that was obviously a hoax.

Because in today’s media round, team boss Binotto revealed: “We decided that very quickly after Baku, so it was something he had known for many days.”

Leclerc knew from the start that he would start from the back today. That sounded very different until Friday…

12:55 a.m

live stream

Don’t forget: In a few minutes, Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will be reporting live on the YouTube channel with their big analysis of the Canadian GP. The following topics are on the agenda:

– Duel for victory: Verstappen vs. Sainz
– What slowed Alonso down so much
– Mercedes: Things are finally moving forward
– The result at a glance
– Vettel: Where was the speed?
– Schumacher: The next setback
– The World Cup status at a glance
– Questions from channel members from live chat

12:47 a.m

Ocon helped Alonso

The Frenchman eased off the accelerator a bit at the end to allow his team-mate to stay in the DRS window. Esteban didn’t have any problems and was a little faster in the end,” explains team boss Szafnauer on ‘Sky’.

“He dropped back so that there was a DRS train. Without the DRS train, Fernando would have run the risk of being overtaken from behind with the dropouts. Esteban helped,” says Szafnauer thanking him.

“We would have the order [der Fahrer] couldn’t turn around, because then we would have become even more vulnerable. It was the right decision. Esteban held back to make the DRS train possible,” said Szafnauer.

“He could have broken away, but that would have been bad for the team,” he explained. And forward would probably not have been possible anyway.

12:39 a.m

Wolff: “Managing expectations correctly”

Today’s result was “a small ray of hope” for Mercedes, Toto Wolff admits to ‘ORF’. But he also makes it clear: “You just have to manage the expectations properly.” On the one hand, of course, the World Cup should not be written off just yet.

“On the other hand, you can’t come to the race and now expect to drive everything into the ground. It’s a bit of an interplay that you have to get right. I don’t always succeed,” he admits.

The team boss explains: “We have a direction, […] which makes it look better, and then you just have to really keep working now and not hope for any miracles that we’ll suddenly be at the front at Silverstone.”

“I would take it, but it is not to be expected,” he clarifies.

12:31 a.m

The most important thing for Sunday…

… we have summarized again today in a photo series. The fastest way to get up to date!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 in Montreal: The most important thing about Sunday

12:26 a.m

What was the exact problem with Alonso?

Unfortunately, Alpine cannot (yet) answer that for us. “I don’t know. He complained about severe battery failures in the middle of the race. There could be a leak in the air system, but we still have to take a close look at that,” said team boss Otmar Szafnauer on ‘Sky’.

By the way, he is still satisfied with the result and explains: “We had high hopes. But the bottom line is [das Ergebnis] very good. We’re not fighting the top teams. And we scored good points against the teams that are our direct opponents. So really really good.”

12:19 a.m

Special praise for Stroll

Starting from 17th on the grid, the Canadian finished in the points at his home race. P10 doesn’t sound like much, but Team Principal Mike Krack explains: “That point doesn’t tell the whole story.”

“Lance drove patiently, managing an extremely long first stint on the hard tire to keep a train of cars behind him,” he says, adding that Stroll “deserved” the last point.

“We had a great strategy for this race and I’m super happy,” says Stroll himself, for whom P10 (along with Imola and Miami) was also his personal best of the season.

12:11 a.m

Zhou: Best result in Formula 1

After Bahrain, the Chinese finished in the points for only the second time and reports: “It was a pretty good weekend for me and the team. I’m really happy with P8 because it’s my best result in Formula 1 so far.”

“Today we did everything right on the track and in terms of strategy,” he says happily, explaining that we got everything out of the car. For teammate Bottas things went even better with P7.

“Everything went perfectly for me. The timing of the safety car was ideal,” he grins and adds: “I’m also happy for Zhou. He had a strong pace and can draw a lot of self-confidence from this weekend.”

12:03 a.m

Seidl apologizes to drivers

We have heard Norris’ clear words before. Team boss Andreas Seidl understands this and explains: “Today we didn’t give Lando and Daniel the package they deserved.”

“We therefore have to apologize to them,” said Seidl, who spoke of a “very disappointing Sunday afternoon”. “It was a tough weekend overall,” sums up the team boss.

The car was too slow, there were problems with reliability and then a pit stop was missed. “That’s why we didn’t earn any points today,” said Seidl self-critically.

11:55 p.m

Mercedes: special praise for Russell

For the first time since the season opener in Bahrain, the Brit finished behind his team-mate. He had previously finished ahead of Hamilton seven times in a row. Russell still gets special praise from Andrew Shovlin today.

“George surprised us with his ability to overtake cars in the first stint,” he reveals and explains: “We opted for a big wing on his car in qualifying to see what we could achieve in the wet conditions yesterday .”

“But we expected this to be a disadvantage in the race. However, he was able to use this to attack in the corners and fought his way through the field to fourth place,” Shovlin said.

By the way, you can find an overview of all qualifying, sprint and race duels here!

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