Amira Pocher receives criticism for the photo

Amira Pocher receives criticism for the photo
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Amira Pocher has to take harsh criticism.Image: Screenshot / Instagram @amirapocher

Amira Pocher is not only a well-known moderator, she is also a podcaster, produces her own (Hey Amira) and one together with her husband Oliver Pocher (Die Pochers hier!). And she does something else with her husband: Criticizing the advertising behavior of others. The target is mostly influencers.

But that could be her downfall now.

Actually, Amira Pocher has every reason to be happy at the moment. Because she has just launched her own beauty product: UV nail polishes in summery colors. And she shares that on her profile with her Instagram community – and promotes it.

Rapper Gzuz shoots against Amira

“Double standards of horror,” says the rapper Gzuz and comments on a screenshot of her Instagram post in his story. Gzuz apparently doesn’t think it’s okay that the moderator criticizes other influencers for their advertising behavior and then advertises their product themselves. “But shooting at other influencers who are trying to make money from advertising”he writes.

The rapper expresses that he does not believe in such behavior. “I ate you”he writes in his Instagram story addressed to Amira and Oliver Pocher.

Rapper Gzuz railed against Amira and Oliver Pocher.

Rapper Gzuz railed against Amira and Oliver Pocher.Image: Instagram/Screenshot / @gzuz187_official

Reactions to accusations of double standards

Some seem to agree with Gzuz’s accusation, because under the post there are comments that also speak of double standards. “(…) I find it funny and enjoy it, but I can understand that many see this as double standards,” writes one person under the post, for example.

But others also defend the advertising that the “Prominent” presenter does for her nail polishes. For example, a follower expresses that Amira’s approach is different from that of other influencers. She writes under Amira’s post: “What does it have to do with double standards when some advertise their product and others advertise junk products from dubious companies where it has been proven that it’s crap?”

So there were reactions to the accusation of double standards in both directions. Amira herself has not yet responded to Gzuz’s Instagram story.


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