Aldi: Supermarket customers could benefit from changes at the checkout

Aldi: Supermarket customers could benefit from changes at the checkout
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Aldi Süd is interested in “Scan&GO”.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

More and more food retailers are introducing a simplified method of so-called “self-scanning”: “Scan&GO”. The supermarket customers can scan the goods directly on the shelf and thus bypass the normal checkout. The supermarket chain Aldi Süd is now interested in this method, as reported by the “Lebensmittel Zeitung (LZ)”.

From the shelf to the shopping trolley, from the shopping trolley to the conveyor belt and from there back to the trolley – or into your pocket: With “Scan&GO” people could save themselves the stress of fighting the cashier at the supermarket checkout.

Self-scanning can be done via smartphone, for example.

Self-scanning can be done via smartphone, for example.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Customers would save time and nerves at the checkout, but they could also buy groceries in a sensible order – so that, for example, heavy goods, such as canned goods, end up at the bottom of the shopping bag, and lighter ones at the top. Switching to “self-scanning” therefore offers a number of advantages when shopping.

Various methods of self-scanning are possible

According to the “LZ”, more and more dealers are introducing the method. Because retail can save staff at the cash registers – and customers usually have their smartphones with them anyway. In this case, retailers would not even have to pay for the hardware. The smartphone is one of three methods for self-scanning the products.

Alternatively, customers can also borrow a professional scanner for shopping at the entrance. When leaving the store, they simply hand it back.

It would also be possible to equip some of the shopping carts with permanently installed touchscreen computers and scanners. In individual Edeka branches, up to 30 percent of sales would be processed with it. Many traders would rely on a combination of the possibilities.

More and more supermarkets are testing the concept

Aldi Süd are not the first to flirt with “Scan&GO”. But on the contrary. Other supermarket chains are much further along.

According to “LZ”, Kaufland has already completed the technical preparations in many German markets. Advertising should start soon. At Kaufland, “Scan&GO” runs under the name “K-Scan”. At the request of “LZ”, it was said that it would be checked in which German markets “K-Scan” could also be offered. It has already been partially tested in foreign markets.

Lidl also tried out an app in Lisbon and Paris.

The managing director of Globus, Oliver Kirch, leads the

Globus Managing Director, Oliver Kirch, demonstrates the “Scan&GO” method 2018.Image: imago stock&people / Becker&Bredel

With 320 locations, Rewe has the largest introduction of “Scan&GO”, 180 at Penny and 140 at Rewe. Edeka increased the number to over 50.

So far, Globus Lebensmittelmarkt is the only retailer in Germany to have introduced a really comprehensive range of scan methods. In all 57 hypermarkets, customers should be able to choose between the professional devices and the smartphone scan.


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