After “Let’s Dance”-Aus: Hard allegations against juror Joachim Llambi

After “Let’s Dance”-Aus: Hard allegations against juror Joachim Llambi
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Joachim Llambi and Amira Pocher can be seen here in the eleventh live show of “Let’s Dance”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

In the eleventh live show of “Let’s Dance” Amira Pocher was chosen from the show. In the end, she and Mathias Mester had to tremble, the track and field athlete finally secured the final ticket alongside Janin Ullmann and René Casselly. After her departure, Amira looked forward to getting back to her life. “My first thought was a shame, a damn shame. My second thought was: I have my freedom again, I have my private life again,” said the mother of two sons.

She was “totally fine” that she now had to leave the show in the semifinals. In addition, she said she “had the fear” that it would hit her. She is particularly sorry for Massimo Sinató because he really wanted the final. The two planned to take “The Lion King” to the dance floor. In her latest podcast episode, she spoke to husband Oliver Pocher about her experiences on the show and clearly criticized Joachim Llambi’s jury verdict.

Amira Pocher with clear criticism of the jury verdict

First of all, Oliver Pocher noted that there were more headlines about her exit this week than about the actual finalists. Amira knew “that it would be very, very difficult to beat Mathias”. Incidentally, she found the rating in show eleven to be “an absolute joke and an absolute cheek”. The reason:

“It can’t be that a Quickstep is rated better by another person than our tango, which was really highly complicated. It had 80 different tango steps, so many changes in tempo, it was a highly demanding, beautiful tango. Mathias can’t help his rating “He has also improved, always puts on a great show. It has nothing to do with him, but particularly with Mr. Llambi’s ratings. That’s when you notice, you already feel who is being directed where. That just annoys me ‘Cause then it’s not real anymore.”

And further: “It’s also not fair anymore because we’ve been rated too badly – and especially by the person on the far right. I’m not talking about Jorge or Motsi, it was all totally fair in my opinion, but you can’t give me six points for my quick step and say where a heel step should have been twice, you did a ball step.” According to Amira, those were Two steps from 80. Massimo went through the choreo again.As a reminder: For her quick step, she received eight points from Jorge, nine from Motsi and only six from Llambi.All in all, she came up with 23. Mathias received 29 points for his quick step.

The moderator emphasized with a view to Llambi: “You can’t deduct four points. That’s what makes me so angry, because there are three or four points in the overall rating that throw me back. That just bothers me and there the problem starts: If I had just been rated fairly or differently, I might have had a better chance, but from then on it was clear to Massimo and me: We no longer have a chance. Midfield is always dangerous and I was in third place.”

The comedian agreed: “What can I say? In a way, this show has been given over to the absurd. To be honest, the hits aren’t there anymore either. The season isn’t nearly as successful. It’s also one of the least watched shows in recent years. On average, a million people less are watching it and the market shares are exactly the same because this season, I can say professionally as an outsider, was a theater of absurdity.”

The 44-year-old justified this primarily with the many corona cases, due to which candidates had to sit out and those who had already left were brought back. Sometimes nobody flew out of the show, but then again two.

When evaluating Mathias, Pocher made it clear that he couldn’t do anything about it, would do it great and he wholeheartedly begrudge him the win. However, he admitted: “The fact is, because of his physical limitations, he just can’t dance some things like that, even if he would like to. Then you can’t just give him nine or even sometimes ten points. If you were to realistically compare the dance to what everyone else is dancing, it might be a five or six point dance. Then you can’t always say he can’t do it that way. It just doesn’t work.”

Amira said she didn’t know what to look for in the assessment. But if she starts from the jury’s verdict, she would have received the same criticism as Mathias, but four points would have been deducted and he would have gotten a total of 29. “I hear the reasoning for the points and some of them just don’t make sense to me. But I had to face it all the time, that’s the way it is. What I wanted to say now is that last Friday I just felt who should go to the final. You just notice that,” says Amira.

In addition, the 29-year-old noticed something completely different: “What I read very, very often and also heard from my friends and family and the viewers was that I often got the busy signal. They just couldn’t call me. It was busy, the line was closed.” Amira found this “also strange”. Pocher then added: “Whether it’s that or not, I don’t want to open a conspiracy theory now. The fact is, you were the one of the three who would have belonged to the finale in terms of dancing, emotionality and storytelling. That’s easy so.”

Amira said independently that she didn’t give the finalists the win because they deserved it. “That’s why they are absolutely right in the final, However, I also saw myself there, because ‘Let’s Dance’ lives from a story, a further development”, she said at the end. Her personal finale was the “Magic Moment” anyway, in which she danced the non-existent relationship with her father.

“I’m very, very grateful that I was able to bring at least what really had a background to the stage. And we’ll see everything else tonight,” says Amira.


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