Adobe: Updates for Photoshop and Lightroom

Adobe is giving users of its Creative Cloud an update for Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. In the case of Photoshop, the current beta for the web application has also been revised. The update focuses on improvements in editing and usability, but also on exploiting the advantages of machine learning. In addition, according to Adobe, the cross-device collaboration between desktop, web and mobile apps has been optimized.

Photoshop gets new AI-powered features. With the neural filters you are already quite broadly positioned and allow, for example, the restoration of photos. A new filter has now been released that is supposed to remove scratches and other blemishes from old or damaged photos within seconds. This eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming retouching in painstaking detail work. At least the first demo applications work with impressive results – post-coloring is also possible with the neural filters:

Some updates will come to Photoshop for the web, which is still in beta. Here you bring numerous new editing functions: curves, refine edges, dodge and burn as well as the conversion of smart objects. In order to write or read comments, mobile browser access is also supported. Introductory and learning content has been integrated for amateurs and, according to the company, they have also worked on performance and UX.

Lightroom has also been updated. One of the highlights of the new functions is the editing of video clips. This is useful because you can use the sliders and presets used for photos – both on desktop and mobile devices. In terms of presets, AI support is also used here. These can be applied to specific parts of a photo. The workflow under Lightroom Desktop, Mobile Web and Lightroom Classic is made easier by adjusting the intensity of presets. In the case of Lightroom Desktop, a new side-by-side comparison of photos is also supported. There is also AI support for automatic red-eye removal (Lightroom Desktop, Adobe Camera RAW). All platforms receive new premium presets in collaboration with photographers and Lightroom mobile and web new remix functions.

The Neural Filter for photo recovery will soon be available for desktop, but it is already available on the web for Photoshop subscribers. Photoshop Web is currently being tested in Canada to make it available to free users as well. All you need there is an Adobe account – let’s see what comes of it. A basic functionality will probably be made available free of charge, but a subscription will then be required for premium features. The new versions of Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are now available for download via the Creative Cloud, Lightroom mobile can be updated via the App Store and Play Store.

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