A great loss for the “crime scene”: Meret Becker dies in serial death

Sunday thriller from Berlin
A great loss for the “crime scene”: Meret Becker dies in serial death

Meret Becker as “Tatort” commissioner Nina Rubin in the case of “The girl who goes home alone”

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After seven years, Meret Becker said goodbye to the “crime scene” as Nina Rubin. The last case ended fatally for the Berlin investigator. The crime series loses one of its coolest inspectors.

Feelings, said “Tatort” commissioner Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) at the beginning of the Sunday thriller, are only for “ugly people”. He didn’t mean himself by that. Analytically, objectively, but also emotionally cold, he investigated seven years together with Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) in the Berlin “Tatort”. When she died in his arms covered in blood at the end of the case “The girl who goes home alone”, all the feelings broke out of him: desperation, sadness, anger and somehow also love. Because recently, the commissioners Karow and Rubin had come closer privately.

For “Tatort” fans it was a déjà vu for the Dortmund case “Love Me”, which was broadcast in February of this year. There, too, Commissioner Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt) was shot in the final scene and died in the arms of her colleague Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann), who had previously confessed his love to her.

Unlike Schudt, whose serial death came completely unprepared, Meret Becker had already announced in 2019 that they would leave the “crime scene” in the foreseeable future. At that time she spoke of “seven well-spent years of life”, her colleague Mark Waschke had become a friend. She has learned an incredible amount, but she is “a stray” and wants to try new things.

This is how the “crime scene” from Berlin continues

A stray, that’s what she was in the “crime scene”. Together with Mark Waschke, she started working as Berlin Commissioner Nina Rubin in March 2015. She lived with her husband and two teenage sons, but also regularly hung out with other men in nightclubs. The unusual family history was shelved after several episodes.

What remained was the relationship between Commissars Karow and Rubin, which was also not always easy, and who regularly clashed. Rubin cursed and cursed in the most beautiful Berliners. She skillfully stood up to her often arrogant colleague Karow. It was also these confrontations that made up the character of the Berlin “crime scene”.

It remains to be seen how this will be replaced after Meret Becker’s departure. In the episode “The Victim”, which has just been filmed, Mark Waschke initially investigates alone as Commissioner Robert Karow. The episode is scheduled to air later this year. In 2023, 67-year-old Corinna Harfouch joined the Berlin “Tatort” team as a new investigator.

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