7.4 million euros: Ahmed Abou-Chaker auctioned the Bushido villa

7.4 million euros: Ahmed Abou-Chaker auctioned the Bushido villa
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Ahmed Abou-Chaker has been awarded the large piece of land in Kleinmachnow that rapper Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker have been fighting over for a long time after they once wanted to live there together. Ahmed, 21, is believed to be the eldest son of suspected gang leader Arafat Abou-Chaker.

Ahmed Abou-Chaker paid a price of 7,401,500 euros for the property. The contract was awarded on Wednesday morning at the district court in Potsdam. The total is the minimum bid that had to be submitted on that day in order to win this bid.

The villa ensemble became known because the rapper Bushido wanted to move in there together with Arafat Abou-Chaker. The property is in Kleinmachnow, Potsdam-Mittelmark. Arafat Abou-Chaker still lives on the premises in a villa (560 square meters). The second building (634 square meters) was intended for Anis Ferchichi aka Bushido, who wanted to live there with his family. It’s empty now.

Bushido had enforced the foreclosure against Abou-Chaker’s wish. Half an hour was scheduled for the round of bidding. Ahmed Abou-Chaker’s bid was the only one, it was made by a lawyer towards the end of the half hour. The award took place at 11 a.m. The 21-year-old should not object in the next 14 days, so that everything will soon be: three houses, two pieces of land – and the debts that weigh on the property.

Bushido with a surgical mask, Arafat without a mask

Nevertheless, he seems to have made a very good deal. The court had assumed a market value of 14.8 million euros for the double property with a total area of ​​16,674 square meters.

Bushido had his lawyer apply for the “immediate division of the contract”. That was also decreed, the rapper should receive 3.7 million euros.

The two previous owners of the property, meanwhile deeply and publicly at odds, had watched the auction of two opposite benches. Bushido with a blue surgical mask and two lawyers on the side. Arafat Abou-Chaker without a mask, with four companions only on the bench. Many other friends and relatives were spread out in the hall. Cell phones and guns, the magistrate overseeing the foreclosure said, weren’t allowed here that day.

While waiting for a bid, this had led to tensions, similar to those in a Berlin classroom. The Abou-Chakers bank complained that Bushido was using a cell phone after all. He passed it on to the head of the auction through his lawyers, who said to the further excitement of the Abou-Chakers: “He already understood it.”

Arafat Abou-Chaker spotted other cell phones in the hall. Journalists were allowed to bring theirs to the hearing. “Do you have a press pass?” Abou-Chaker snapped at a gentleman with glasses and a writing pad. He had. Then finally one of the lawyers got up from the bench of the more nervous-looking party. And submitted the bid for the son.

Kay One testifies in court

After the auction, everyone left quickly. After the court was before the court. At 1 p.m. in Berlin-Moabit, the 72nd day of the trial in the dispute between the former neighbors, which had been negotiated there for months, was due. Three of Abou-Chaker’s brothers are also in the dock in Moabit. All four men are accused of threatening, coercing, hitting, imprisoning and blackmailing the rapper on January 18, 2018. “You won’t get out of here alive,” they said, according to the indictment. But how seriously are these things to be taken in a world paid for harsh language?

The process tries to find out and meticulously presents the relationship between the two. How did they become friends and how did this friendship end? Nannies and house managers appeared, rap colleagues and Späti bosses. On Wednesday, the rapper Kay One, who was once under contract with Bushido and then with Abou-Chaker, was invited as a witness. There has also been a lot of arguments between him, Arafat Abou-Chaker and Bushido, mainly in civil lawsuits and disstracks, i.e. insulting rap songs.

They were also discussed extensively in court on Wednesday. Kay One, 37, real name now Kenneth Brodowski (he said he took his stepfather’s surname), had traveled from near Munich, where after a few years he lives in Berlin.

The years in Berlin, from 2007 to 2011 or 2012, were good years between Bushido and the Abou-Chakers, as Kay One describes it. Great Friendship. What could be seen, among other things: “They were always both in the office.” On the other hand, there was also a lot of celebration, especially Arafat Abou-Chaker did a lot with the rappers of the label even after office hours.

They traveled together, the witness repeatedly affirms his own former friendship with everyone (“We were a clique”), but unfortunately cannot remember anything else. Not even when the prosecutor says she could cause trouble for him because of a false statement.

Kay One testified before in 2013, back then to the police, and he spoke very differently there about Arafat Abou-Chaker. At the time he reported about his fear of the often short-tempered man and, the prosecutor reads it out, about a day when he was taken to the basement of a bar and beaten there with a baseball bat. From Arafat Abou-Chaker himself.

But the truth that… is gone

He says he can’t remember that. It may have happened, it may not. Yes, there was stress. From time to time also “neck cuffs”. But worse violence?

For ten years he “suppressed” the bad end of his friendship with those involved in the process, it is now “incredibly difficult to go back to that time,” says Kay One, as if he were sitting with a psychologist, not in front of the prosecutor. He’s sorry. He wants to tell the truth. But it seems it’s gone.

A lawyer for the Abou-Chakers gets a little upset when the witness is released. Not about the witness, but about the court. In principle, we’ve been hearing the same rapper stories here for the past year and a half, he says. All of them are best friends at first and later talk extremely bad about each other.

It sounds as if he wanted to say: That’s the main thing here too. And that’s all there is. The trial will continue anyway, on June 27th.

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