5 games on Steam you should play if you like Escape from Tarkov

5 games on Steam you should play if you like Escape from Tarkov
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Escape from Tarkov has become an extremely popular game in recent years. Aspects such as PvEvP raids and realistic weapon behavior characterize the hardcore shooter. But what does a game need to be like the Battlestate Games title? We at MeinMMO show you 5 games that you should play if you like Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) can be very frustrating for new players. In addition, it is only playable on the PC and can only be bought there from the developer Battlestate Games. If you want to buy the game on Steam, take a look.

If you want to buy a game like Escape from Tarkov on Steam or need a change from the hardcore shooter because the next wipe is a long time coming, we at MeinMMO have put together a list of 5 games that share basic game mechanics with Escape from Tarkov share.

EFT-Like: These games have the same gameplay as EFT

What sets EFT Likes apart: Escape from Tarkov has established a new genre with its innovative gameplay – EFT Likes. If you want to know exactly what distinguishes this type of game, we at MeinMMO have explained the new gaming genre EFT Likes.

The Cycle: Frontier

genre: EFT-Like | developer: YAGER | platform: PC | release date: June 08, 2022 | model: Free to Play | Perspective: third person

New F2P shooter on Steam shows in the trailer why it’s the German answer to Escape From Tarkov

What is The Cycle: Frontier about? In The Cycle: Frontier you land in small landing pods on a strange planet with extraterrestrial life. But other people are also represented in large numbers and are after your loot.

With the upgrade you have plugged in, you have to prevail against players and extraterrestrial beings, explore the enemy planet, mine rare resources and ensure your own survival.

When you feel ready to leave the planet, an extraction ship comes to your rescue. However, should a storm arise, the ship’s pilots will refuse to land.

How does The Cycle: Frontier play: The third-person shooter feels immediately natural for genres fans. The weapons are easy to use and the overview of the available equipment is gained quite quickly.

In terms of genre, the game is fairly beginner-friendly and takes the players by the hand at the beginning (short tutorial). The basic mechanics are explained and then you can start right away. You will instinctively know what to do in your first raid through the previously completed tutorial.

However, The Cycle: Frontier is not a hardcore shooter and does not intend to be a military simulation. Even though the developers of The Cycle: Frontier themselves describe Escape from Tarkov as the main reference behind the shooter in an interview with MeinMMO, they point out that their game still appeals to a different target group. Instead of hardcore players, the focus is more on mid-core players.

If you want to see the The Cycle: Frontier release trailer, you’re open MeinMMO the chance:


  • Beginner friendly
  • Modern graphics
  • Free2Play
  • Fresh release ensures currently active player base

  • Free2Play shooters are often a breeding ground for cheaters

Find The Cycle: Frontier on Steam here.

Hunt: Showdown

genre: EFT-Like | developer: Crytek | platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 | release date: 08/27/2019 | model: Buy to Play | Perspective: first person

Hunt: Showdown Launch Trailer

What is the objective of Hunt: Showdown? Hunt: Showdown’s core game mode – bounty hunting – requires you to hunt down and kill at least one of up to two monsters on the map.

In order to know the position of a monster, you must first collect clues or encounter it by chance. There are four different monsters that can appear on the map.

Then you have to collect the trophy dropped by the killed monster and create it off the map, similar to Escape from Tarkov.

What sets Hunt: Showdown apart? Hunt: Showdown has a very special trick: a perma-death. If you die before extracting your character and collected trophy from the area, you will lose everything. When we say everything, we mean everything. Even the character you have leveled for hours and its progress is gone when it dies. MeinMMO author Mark Sellner has already experienced this in over 700 hours of play in Hunt: Showdown.

What enemies await you in Hunt: Showdown? In addition to numerous NPCs, preferably monsters or other hideous creatures, hunters controlled by other players are also a great threat to successful extraction.

The other hunters not only want to prevent you from completing bounty targets and collecting the respective trophy, but in the worst case even kill you.

The special thing about the opposing hunters is that you never know how many of them are currently on the map. There can be up to 12 players on a map – but they don’t have to.

There isn’t a visual countdown like in battle royal shooters that subtracts each eliminated team from the remaining players and signals how many enemies are left on the map.

For example, a player you killed could have been traveling solo or still have teammates with them. You don’t know it, though, and that’s why there’s always a certain paranoid feeling in Hunt: Showdown.

Which feature of Hunt: Showdown stands out? The paranoid feeling in Hunt: Showdown is further reinforced by the excellent sound design of the shooter.

You can hear almost every noise loud and clear and determine movements based on the soundscape. On the one hand, this is reassuring if you can use it to determine the position of an opponent precisely, on the other hand, the multitude of sounds that can be heard throughout creates a certain tension that creates an immersive atmosphere.


  • Exciting gameplay
  • Unique setting
  • Outstandingly good sound
  • Developer support

  • Not beginner friendly
  • Defeats are painful
  • bad graphics

Find Hunt: Showdown on Steam here:


genre: EFT-Like | developer: Small Impact Games | platform: PC | release date: TBA | model: Buy to Play | Perspective: first person

Marauder’s Closed Alpha Trailer

What is Marauders about? Even before the official release, Marauders is considered a space Tarkov that takes place in a parallel universe. In this alien reality, after the Second World War, humanity set itself the goal of conquering space. Appropriately, the spaceships are also visually reminiscent of tanks with normal projectiles and bullets instead of lasers and railguns.

With the space tanks you go to space stations or spaceship wrecks and search them for usable resources. However, other players have the same plan, which is why it can quickly lead to a deadly battle.

If you’ve snatched valuable loot, your next goal is to flee. You have to escape from the space station or the shipwreck and if you die doing so, the collected loot is lost.

What distinguishes Marauders? In Marauders you can not only own your own spaceship, but own an entire military frigate and carry out tactical space battles. You want to get as many fighters as possible onto the respective station or wreck and for this purpose shoot the players with drop pods to the target location.

Since the drop pods are destructible and space battles may await you, upgrading and improving your frigate is an important feature in Marauders. You can also increase your character’s abilities by improving them with skills.


  • Transparent communication from the developer regarding bugs
  • Fresh setting
  • Closed Alpha convinced in optics and control
  • Successful fights are rewarding

  • No release date yet
  • Technical issues in the closed alpha give a sense that the title isn’t finished yet

Here is Marauders on Steam:

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