44,000 fans at Europe’s first K-Pop festival in Frankfurt

44,000 fans at Europe’s first K-Pop festival in Frankfurt
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Colorful clothes, excited fans and ten world-famous acts by Sunday: Europe’s first K-pop festival took place in Frankfurt over the weekend. 44,000 fans of Korean pop music celebrated in and around the Waldstadion.

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K-Pop Festival in Frankfurt


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Anyone who drove past the Frankfurt forest station on Saturday might have wondered what is going on here because of the deafening volume. The view of Deutsche Bank Park at first wasn’t much more revealing either.

With all the costumes, crowds of people and mostly female fan chants, it was almost impossible to get an overview.

Visitors from 86 countries

The KPOP.FLEX Festival is the largest of its kind in Europe to date. According to the organizers, 44,000 visitors from 86 countries came to get closer to their idols than ever before.

Groups like Mamamoo, NCT Dream or Enhypen may not yet have mass recognition in this country, but for their fans they are bigger than any western pop star. South Korea has now become the seventh largest music market in the world and the trend around K-pop is spreading more and more.


to be close to idols

Organizers have been observing this trend for a long time. For Peter K├Âtting, Managing Director of PK-Events, the success of the festival is no surprise: “K-Pop is a music phenomenon that enjoys great popularity. The fans want to experience their idols live and that’s what we offer them with KPOP.FLEX.”

Not only the geographical distance, but also language and culture stand between the fans and their role models from South Korea. Many of the visitors report that their interest has long since ceased to focus solely on the catchy songs and perfectly choreographed dance performances. Instead, many are learning the language and want to learn more about Korean culture in order to better understand their favorite bands or artists.

Fans light up the hall in Deutsche Bank Park.

Culture as an integral part

The visitors bridged the time until the concert at the Korea Festival that took place in front of the forest station. There, visitors could try out the traditional costumes, try Korean street food or buy fan articles.

In addition, there were also dance competitions, the opportunity to take part in the “Squid Game” known from the Netflix series and also a fashion show.

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Criticism of K-Pop

Despite the success, there is also criticism, because behind the glittering facade is a tough business. Event agencies are already taking children under contract. Whoever fulfills the expectations best gets a place in one of the constantly emerging groups. But even then, being a K-Pop star is mostly hard work. As legal disputes have brought to light, the artists hardly see any of the income, are bound by long-term contracts and have almost no influence on their lives. (Source: dpa)

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Festival also in the coming year

The success of the festival and the great demand for more K-Pop in the heart of Europe has ensured that next year’s KPOP.FLEX Festival will be held again at the Waldstadion in Frankfurt.

The date is already known: On June 17th and 18th, 2023 it will be time again: Frankfurt will be the K-Pop capital of Europe.

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