2D action survival game Lost Ruins is out tomorrow – ntower – Your Nintendo Online Magazine

2D action survival game Lost Ruins is out tomorrow – ntower – Your Nintendo Online Magazine
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After it was successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2020, today we can finally announce the release date of Lost ruins present. You can do it in just a few hours 2D action survival game Download from Nintendo eShop. The price is expected to be around 16.79 euros.

In Lost Ruins you take on the role of a young girl who wakes up in an unknown place and with no memories. In order to find them again and escape the eerie place, she joins forces with the magician Beatrice. There are many monsters and bosses standing in their way if they want to unlock the mysteries of the lost ruins. We have attached the trailer for the PC version for you, as well as an information text.

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A young girl wakes up in a dimly lit dungeon with no memory of anything. Surrounded by terrifying, bloodthirsty monsters, she is rescued by the mysterious magician Beatrice. With the help of Beatrice, the girl embarks on a perilous journey to find answers and unravel the mysteries of the Lost Ruins.


  • Combat – Combat in Lost Ruins takes place in real time and can be both fast and methodical. Slash nearby enemies, burn them with magic, fire a long-distance bow, or even send their projectiles back. Players must arm themselves with a variety of swords, axes and other medieval weapons and chop the monsters to pieces.
  • Master Spells – For those with a taste for magic, Lost Ruins offers the opportunity to cast a variety of spells using wands, tonics, and scrolls. Electrify monsters in the water, freeze bosses, or heal yourself when you’re in danger. Players can assign slots and choose what works best for their play style and approach.
  • Choose Your Gear – The world of Lost Ruins is a dangerous place and being armed to the teeth with awesome weapons is sometimes not enough. Attachments are unique pieces of gear with all sorts of effects – one accessory can protect you from fire, while another heals you when you’re in water. Finding the right combination of accessories for the right encounter creates strategic options for the adventure.
  • Use the Environment – As players explore the depths of Lost Ruin’s dungeons, they will find that everything around them can bring death – or they can use the environment to their advantage. The elements in the world react with other elements. Flammable liquids will burst into flames if they come in contact with lit lanterns. Ice magic freezes bodies of water, rendering them dangerously cold. The better players understand the environment and how to use it to their advantage, the more dangerous they become.

Will you buy Lost Ruins tomorrow?

Credit: Gematsu, YouTube (Dangen Entertainment)


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