24h Le Mans 2022: Thursday in chronology

24h Le Mans 2022: Thursday in chronology
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12:11 a.m

Good night!

That was our coverage from Thursday. There won’t be any action on the track from the main event tomorrow, but of course there will be the ACO press conference again with a look ahead. And as you know, it looks golden. So it’s worth checking in tomorrow as well, and then of course definitely on Saturday. At 10:30 a.m. the warm-up is on the program again, the start of the race is then at 4 p.m. Until then!

Photos: WEC 2022: 24 Hours of Le Mans, Thursday

12:05 a.m

Result top 3

1. Toyota #7 (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez) – 3:28.322
2. Toyota #8 (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa) – 3:28.684
3. Glickenhaus #708 (Pla/Dumas/Derani) – 3:30.141

1. United-Autosports-Oreca #23 (Lynn/Jarvis/Pierson) – 3:32.226
2. Panis-Oreca #65 (Canal/Jamin/van Uitert) – 3:32.422
3. Jota-Oreca #28 (Rasmussen/Jones/Aberdein) – 3:32.588

1. Corvette #63 (Garcia/Taylor/Catsburg) – 3:52.710
2. Corvette #64 (Milner/Tandy/Sims) – 3:52.731
2. Porsche #91 (Bruni/Lietz/Makowiecki) – 3:53.123

1. Proton Porsche #77 (Ried/Priaulx/Tincknell) – 3:55.067
2. Proton Porsche #88 (Poordad/Lindsey/Heylen) – 3:55.383
3. AF Corse Ferrari #61 (Prette/Grunewald/Abril) – 3:55.323

12:05 a.m

Last minute improvement by Glickenhaus

Pipo Derani lets the Glickenhaus #708 (Pla/Dumas/Derani) fly again and clocks the third best time of 3:30.141 minutes. That will have been the last improvement of this practice day, because in the Daytona chicane Tristan Vautier spun in the ARC-Bratislava-Oreca #44 (Konopka/Viscaal/Vautier) and then had to maneuver a bit – yellow flag. So that was the last official training session, although officially we still have the warm-up.

12:00 a.m

Green again

The tow truck drives neatly against the direction of travel and thus clears the route. We can imagine that the FIA ​​does not like that at all. After all, the route is completely green again.

11:54 p.m

Not the best parking lot

The AF Corse Ferrari #61 (Prette/Grunewald/Abril) is on the start/finish straight. A slow zone will be set up, so nothing will happen in the tableau.

11:48 p.m

New best time in the GTE Am

Something is also happening on the track: Seb Priaulx, son of Andy, brought the Proton Porsche #77 (Ried/Priaulx/Tincknell) to the top of the GTE Am in 3:55.067 minutes. A number of Porsches were in the lead for a long time in this session. In the meantime, however, three Ferraris have moved up to places three to five.

11:43 p.m

Cimadomo is disqualified from the race

Tough action by race control: Philippe Cimadomo is excluded from the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The stewards are considering several incidents, including, of course, a serious accident. TDS Racing is now faced with the choice of running the race in pairs or withdrawing. The TDS-Oreca #13 (Cimadomo/Beche/van der Helm) is junk, a new chassis would have to be built. The team should be at work right now.

11:36 p.m

Graff seems to be letting it go

After a function check, the Graff-Oreca #39 (Trouillet/Page/Droux) came back into the pits. You probably don’t want to tempt fate any further.

Otherwise there is not much to report at the moment – and that’s a good thing. Because in FP3 we had a bit too much action. The hypercars are driving at the moment, but only the Toyotas pour out a lap under 3:30 minutes every now and then.

11:22 p.m

It runs

The driving operation is quite decent for the last training session. One of the waiters has just started again and the #39 is also clean again at the start. At the moment there are individual best times, including Corvette’s 1-2 in the GTE Pro again. Our colleagues on site say that the BoP will be changed again in the GTE Pro.

11:07 p.m

Oh, Droux!

Goodness, the Graff-Oreca #39 (Trouillet/Page/Droux) has just been reared when David Droux crashes into the gravel on the outlap! He was recovered and has reached the box again. That wasn’t very clever.

11:00 p.m

Surprise: Graff drives!

Congratulations to the raff team. The Oreca #39 (Trouillet/Page/Droux) is repaired and just driven out of the pits. Great effort to rebuild the car today! It is the accident chassis. The task now is to drive as many laps as possible.

10:58 p.m

LMP2 collision

And again LMP2 get in each other’s way. This time in the Ford chicane. Here Alexandre Cougnaud in DKR-Oreca #3 (Hörr/Glorieux/Cougnaud) and Antonio Felix da Costa in Jota-Oreca #38 (Gonzalez/Felix Da Costa/Stevens) got in each other’s way.

In the meantime, the time tableau is also filling up. Both Glickenhaus have now set times, but like Alpine they are around three seconds behind the extremely strong Toyota laps from the beginning of the session. We now only have eight vehicles without time. As I said, we don’t expect two of them today, the others could also skip the session altogether.

10:46 p.m

Mandatory rounds for Fassbender

Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender gets into the Proton Porsche #93 (Fassbender/Campbell/Robichon). He is the last of the three drivers who are now completing their mandatory laps. The Porsche has completed ten laps so far. The same applies to the APR-Oreca #45 (Thomas/Allen/Binder). Fabio Scherer has just finished his stint in Inter-Europol-Oreca #43 (Heinemeier Hansson/Scherer/Fittipaldi) and should have completed his compulsory workload.

10:35 p.m

Toyota is struggling with the brakes again

The problem of weight distribution has been a theme throughout the Toyota GR010 Hybrid’s career. The braking problems, which first appeared at the 6 Hours of Spa 2021 with Kamui Kobayashi’s massive brakes, have still not been sorted out and probably won’t be with this vehicle anymore. The reason for this is the weight reduction of the LMH cars in May 2020. Toyota is therefore considering building a completely new hypercar for the coming season.

Jose-Maria Lopez just had an intense discussion with the box. He is advised to change the downshift slightly so that the vehicle brakes a little better.

10:32 p.m

Status after 30 minutes

1. Toyota #7 (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez) – 3:28.322
2. Toyota #8 (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa) – 3:28.684
3. Alpine #36 (Negrao/Lapierre/Vaxiviere) – 3:31.681

1. United-Autosports-Oreca #23 (Lynn/Jarvis/Pierson) – 3:32.226
2. Panis-Oreca #65 (Canal/Jamin/van Uitert) – 3:32.422
3. Jota-Oreca #28 (Rasmussen/Jones/Aberdein) – 3:32.588

1. Corvette #63 (Garcia/Taylor/Catsburg) – 3:52.710
2. Porsche #91 (Bruni/Lietz/Makowiecki) – 3:54.443
3. Porsche #92 (Christensen/Estre/Vanthoor) – 3:54.447

1. Proton Porsche #88 (Poordad/Lindsey/Heylen) – 3:55.383
2. Hardpoint Porsche #99 (Haryanto/Picariello/Rump) – 3:55.510
3. Iron Lynx Ferrari #60 (Schiavoni/Balzan/Giammaria) – 3:55.728

10:22 p.m

Corvette on top again

Nick Catsburg brought the #63 Corvette (Garcia/Taylor/Catsburg) to the top of the GTE Pro in 3:54.115 minutes. We’ve already seen times of 3:53 in race trim.

The session is slow to get under way, with 20 cars still to come. We do not expect the LMP2 who had an accident in the third practice session in this session. But it can also be the case that other teams no longer attend the meeting so as not to risk their car.

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