24h Le Mans 2022 live: GTE Pro dramas at night

24h Le Mans 2022 live: GTE Pro dramas at night
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12:58 a.m

Now 30 seconds ahead for Buemi

And in one fell swoop, the gap between leader Sebastien Buemi in the #8 Toyota and follower Mike Conway in the #7 Toyota has grown to 30 seconds. The reason: Conway got into a slow zone on his so-called out-lap after the most recent pit stop, Buemi didn’t.

12:55 a.m

Riding out of the GTE-Am leader

The GTE-Am class-leading WeatherTech Porsche #79 (MacNeil/Andlauer/Merrill) with Thomas Merrill at the wheel is plowing through the gravel bed in the Dunlop chicane area – just fine!

12:49 a.m

An Aston Martin is out

The end of the D’Station Aston Martin #777 (Hoshino/Fujii/Fagg) has just been officially announced. The reason is not yet clear, but could be in the area of ​​the wheel suspension.

The fact is: It is the second failure in the race after that of the Project 1 Porsche #46 (Cairoli/Pedersen/Leutwiler). Both cars were entered in the GTE-Am class. Two failures, that means in reverse: After almost nine hours, 60 cars are still on the road!

12:43 a.m

Buemi opens a small gap

At the head of the field, Sebastien Buemi in the #8 Toyota (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa) has now pulled away from teammate Mike Conway in the #7 Toyota (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez) by more than four seconds.

Meanwhile, Porsche has restored the one-two lead in the GTE Pro class. Here, #92 (Christensen/Estre/Vanthoor) continues to lead, now again in front of #91 (Bruni/Lietz/Makowiecki) and only then the AF Corse Ferrari #51 (Pier Guidi/Calado/Serra).

12:36 a.m

Back to race pace!

All local yellow phases have been lifted, and the 13.6-kilometer route is back at full speed!

12:29 a.m

And a second incident

There is currently a local yellow phase (slow zone) not only in the Dunlop chicane, but also at the entrance to the Hunaudieres straight. A car is also stranded there.

12:26 a.m

Fassbender in the gravel bed!

The Proton Porsche #93 (Fassbender/Campbell/Robichon), which Michael Fassbender is also driving at this moment, is stuck in the gravel bed of the Dunlop chicane after a spin. He can’t get out of there on his own. There are yellow flags at this point.

12:19 a.m

Ferrari cracks Porsche double lead

There has been a change in the top 3 in the GTE Pro class. The AF Corse Ferrari #51 (Pier Guidi/Calado/Serra) is now in second place between the two Porsche 911 RSR-19 entered by the Manthey team.

12:13 a.m

Corvette is driving again

But not quite the end for the #63 Corvette (Garcia/J. Taylor/Catsburg), which initially led in the GTE-Pro class. Apparently they managed to repair the damaged left rear wheel suspension. With a deficit of 15 laps to the top of the class you are now back on the road. Jordan Taylor is behind the wheel.

12:11 a.m

Demand from Buemi over the radio

Radio message from leader Sebastien Buemi in the direction of the Toyota command post: “Guys, can you ask Mike what he thinks? We’re pushing like crazy here. I’m not sure if that’s that clever.” This of course means Buemi’s direct pursuer Mike Conway.

12:09 a.m

Change of leadership in the pits

During the eleventh pit stop of the race, the lead between the two Toyotas changed hands again. Sebastien Buemi in the #8 car had a fastest stop, including the start and exit, than Mike Conway in the #7 car.

This puts Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa (#8), who started from pole, ahead of Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez (#7) again.

12:00 a.m

Intermediate status after 8 of 24 hours

A third of the race distance has been completed. Here is an overview of the current top 3 in each of the four classes:

Toyota #7 (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez)
Toyota #8 (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa)
Glickenhaus #709 (Briscoe/Westbrook/Mailleux)

Jota-Oreca #38 (Gonzalez/Felix Da Costa/Stevens)
Prema-Oreca #9 (Kubica/Deletraz/Colombo)
TDS-Oreca #13 (de Vries/Beche/van der Helm)

Porsche #92 (Christensen/Estre/Vanthoor)
Porsche #91 (Bruni/Lietz/Makowiecki)
AF-Corse-Ferrari #51 (Pier Guidi/Calado/Serra)

WeatherTech Porsche #79 (MacNeil/Andlauer/Merrill)
Dempsey Proton Porsche #77 (Ried/Priaulx/Tincknell)
TF Aston Martin #33 (Keating/Chaves/Sörensen)

11:48 p.m

Change of leadership with announcement

Meanwhile, the #7 Toyota (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez) has now taken the lead again from the #8 Toyota (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa). However, it was not a maneuver won by Mike Conway, but rather a passing by Sebastien Buemi.

11:47 p.m

Out for the Corvette #63!

Antonio Garcia has just confirmed that the race for the Corvette #63 (Garcia/J. Taylor/Catsburg) is now fully over after the (unsuccessful) repair of the rear wheel suspension.

“That’s it, suspension damage. It happened at the worst possible moment, just as I was turning into the Ford chicane. At first I thought ‘pickup’ off the tires, but on the start/finish straight I realized something was broken . I had to do a full lap and at first I thought it was a puncture, but in fact the whole car fell apart,” said a disappointed Garcia.

11:43 p.m

Formation flight by Toyota

At the front of the field, the two Toyotas do their laps in formation. #8 (Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa) leads by less than a second over #7 (Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez)!

11:34 p.m

Glickenhaus continues to slide

While the Glickenhaus #708 (Pla/Dumas/Derani) has been repaired in the pits for a few laps after Olivier Pla spun, it has already fallen behind the leading cars in the LMP2 class in the overall classification of the race.

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