20 mm height: hobbyists build water-cooled PS5 Slim – Hardwareluxx

20 mm height: hobbyists build water-cooled PS5 Slim – Hardwareluxx
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After a somewhat confused back and forth on the temperatures of the PlayStation 5, the discussion about the cooling of Sony’s current console has now died down somewhat, or was overshadowed by the poor availability that followed. YouTuber DIY Perks, known among other things for the “breathing PC case, wanted to cool a PlayStation 5 with water and achieve a case thickness of just 20 mm.

But first, solutions to certain problems had to be found. The water cooling was necessary anyway because the built-in air cooling with more than 50 mm was already too thick to reach the target of 20 mm. So the PCB with the chips and water cooling were basic requirements for the project. But even a water cooling block, as known from the PC, is still too.

So the base plate of a water cooler was taken and a copper plate was attached over the entire PCB, which works as a shield against the water. In addition, the copper plate can make contact with the other components that also need to be cooled – i.e. the GDDR6 memory chips, the NAND flash and some components of the power and voltage supply.

The water is routed over the components via another copper plate as an intermediate level. Of course, the copper plate and brass screws had to be soldered watertight. Soldering and cleaning the circuit in the copper plates is an important and interesting part of the video.

The power supply was another challenge, as it is simply too big internally to fit into a 20 mm height. So it had to be converted as an external power supply – there was no other option in the context of this project. Since a 12 V power supply is apparently sufficient, a flat server power supply was chosen.

The rest of the housing was also made of pure copper or copper plates. The connections and buttons have been moved to the outside, or appropriate cut-outs are provided. In the end, the case was just 19 mm thick.

In addition to the power supply, the water has to be cooled externally by a radiator. A flat radiator, a few fans, a pump and the power supply were packed into a flat housing, which was later to disappear behind the TV.

DIY Perks Sony PlayStation 5 Slim

The PlayStation 5 was now in a slim and stylish case, but how well does this cooling work?

Comparison of the temperatures
original PlayStation 5 “PlayStation 5 Slim”
SoC 75ºC 65ºC
R.A.M. 94°C 52°C
VRM 71°C 44°C

DIY Perks positioned the temperature sensors roughly where GamersNexus measured its temperatures and this should allow for a comparison – at least roughly. In any case, the temperatures for the water-cooled slim version should be significantly lower than is the case for the original PS5.

Of course, the cost of the conversion is extreme. Of course, seeing a PlayStation 5 in an all-copper case is quite impressive. The good temperatures are a nice bonus.

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